Mum Of Twins Sonal, Dropped 12kgs To Find Renewed Energy And Zest For Life In Her 40s

Sonal had been struggling with low energy levels and lack of self confidence for years.

Everytime she stood in front of the mirror, she felt disgruntled by the sight of the ill-fitting clothes and her high BMI. So, when her energy levels started to impact her role as a parent, she knew something had to change. 

At first, she was concerned about the financial commitment required to join RNT, but she soon realised she had the wrong end of the stick. Joining RNT wasn’t an expense, it was a long term investment in her own health and wellbeing, with rich dividends that will last a lifetime. 

1. What were the series of moments that led to your “trigger” moment to begin your journey with RNT? 

My decision to join RNT was shaped by a series of moments that over-time intensified my determination for change. 

It all began when I found myself standing in front of the mirror, gazing at my reflection with growing dissatisfaction. 

The sight of my ill-fitting clothes and high BMI served as a stark reminder that my health was in need of attention. The constant fatigue and regular afternoon naps further fuelled my realisation that something needed to shift. 

However, the turning point that truly spurred me into action was the realisation that my lack of vitality and self-confidence was impacting my role as a parent. I yearned to set a better example for my kids, to show them the importance of prioritising their well-being and embracing a healthier lifestyle. 

Motivated by this desire for positive change, I decided to join RNT, ready to take charge of my health and inspire a brighter, healthier future for myself and my family. 

2. What were your biggest problems before starting RNT? 

Before starting RNT, my most significant challenge was finding time for myself amidst the responsibilities of being a mum to twins, managing a household, and working part-time. 

The demanding combination of these roles made it exceptionally difficult to carve out moments dedicated solely to my well-being and personal growth. 

While I yearned to prioritise my health, finding the right balance seemed difficult. However, with a burning desire to overcome these obstacles and improve my overall quality of life, I was eager to take the first step towards self-care through the RNT program. 

Recognising that investing in myself was essential not only for my own happiness but also for being the best version of myself for my family, I was ready to face the challenges ahead and embrace positive changes that would lead to a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. 

3. What has the process been like, and the biggest challenges and obstacles? 

I’m really glad to share that my experience with the RNT has been a lot of fun and truly enjoyable. 

The best part about it is that the goals set for me were achievable without being overwhelming. The RNT team made it easy for me by taking care of the planning and thinking, which I really appreciated. 

As someone who thrives on structure, following the detailed plan they laid out for me felt natural and made my transformation journey so much easier. 

One of the aspects I loved about the program was the variety of meals within the plans. I never had to worry about feeling like I was eating the same bland and boring food every day. This made sticking to the plan much more enjoyable and sustainable for me. 

However, I won’t deny that there were some challenges along the way. One of the biggest hurdles was adhering to the program when I wasn’t feeling well or when my kids were sick and needed more of my attention. It’s tough to stay on track during those moments, but I learned to be patient with myself and not be too hard on myself if I had to make adjustments. 

4. How has the physical been the vehicle

This journey with RNT has been incredibly beneficial for me, reaching far beyond just the physical transformation. I feel so empowered and invigorated. 

The newfound energy I have allows me to be fully present and engaged with my kids, creating more precious moments together. Life feels revitalised, and I’m embracing it with a renewed zest. 

One of the most remarkable changes I’ve experienced is a greater sense of emotional control. I feel like I can navigate my emotions more effectively, leading to a calmer and more balanced outlook on life. I’ve noticed a profound improvement in my patience and determination, making it easier to face challenges head-on and stay committed to my goals. Overall, I genuinely believe I’ve become a better version of myself through this journey. The RNT program has not only reshaped my body but also ignited a fire within me to be the best I can be. I’m grateful for the positive impact it has had on my life and the example it sets for my children. 

This transformation has inspired me to keep pushing forward and embrace a fulfilling, healthier lifestyle. I’ll continue to celebrate every step of this remarkable journey, nurturing both self-improvement and self-compassion along the way. 

Here’s to a bright and empowered future 

5. What almost kept you from joining? 

The financial cost almost deterred me from joining the program initially. Looking back, I realise how irrational that hesitation was because the benefits have far outweighed the investment. Every penny spent has been worth it, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. 

Considering the amount I used to spend on junk food and takeaways, I now see the true value of the program. Not only has it transformed my physical health and well-being, but it has also shifted my mindset towards making healthier choices in every aspect of my life. The money I used to spend on unhealthy indulgences is now invested in my long-term health and happiness. 

I’ve learned that investing in myself is the most worthwhile expenditure I can make. The program has taught me valuable lessons about self-care, discipline, and the importance of making choices that support my well-being. It’s an investment that keeps on giving, and the positive impact will continue to resonate in my life. 

I’m grateful that I took that leap of faith despite the initial financial concerns. The RNT program has proven to be an invaluable asset on my journey to becoming the best version of myself, both physically and mentally. It serves as a constant reminder that investing in my health is truly the best investment I can make for a fulfilling and vibrant future. 

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