Needing A Fitness Program That Worked, Matt Joined RNT Got A Lifestyle Solution

I know I have thanked RNT a lot, but I just wanted to do it again. I have always been focused on my weight and physique and enjoyed going to the gym and feeling strong and attempting to look good in the process. I have never, ever in my life felt 100% fantastic in my own body and thought I looked great, strong and healthy. Like most RNTers, I have tried everything – going to the gym myself, personal trainers, body-building with 12 week transformations, cross-fit training with personal training sessions 4 times a week, various companies in London as an online client before finally coming across RNT and “taking a chance” on another methodology. Well I think as the pictures testify, I found one after 45 years on this planet that worked!

What is it about RNT? There are no magic pills, no black magic that enables success. For me, there were a number of elements that all came together that enabled my success.

Knowledge – this came in the form of your podcasts, videos, case studies etc. Not only did they inspire, but they made it believable, I realised that this could truly happen for me too. Additionally it really did become the old proverb “give a man a fish and feed him for a day but teach a man to fish and feed him forever” – to me this is the key. Principles are now engrained, a lifestyle has been created!

Accountability and honesty – the regular checking in with the RNT Team are also critical as well as the honesty – which goes 2 ways. It is imperative that no matter the slip-ups everything was recorded and with a relationship formed it made it harder to “cheat” the team as I felt I was cheating myself too. The brutal honesty and feedback about me stuffing myself and how far I could have come on this journey in terms of weight loss I had been more in control was a punch in the stomach, at times but I think the team got to know me well with respect to what drove me and what either lifted me up or got me back on track.

The Spreadsheet – whilst this could fit into point 1, I have separated it out because I lived by my daily diet (and still do) through this spreadsheet. Manipulating meal variables and utilising this has become my daily and weekly obsession. Trying to somehow squeeze more food into the macro splits has become invaluable. I would strongly encourage anyone starting to get used to and love this spreadsheet (FYI I have used MyFitnessPal but for whatever reason, maybe accuracy or the fact that I like spreadsheets, RNT’s worked!)

Community – I’m not a big one for Social Media and posting (have dropped a few here and there) however trust me that I read, listened and watched all of the RNT communities posts. I got advice just by listening and watching and got inspired too. It’s amazing the power that can be had by support from people you have never met and who predominantly live on the other side of the world.

This result has truly opened my eyes that it can be achieved by anyone with the right support structures (the RNT team) mindset, visualisation and belief. I want to say thank you to RNT once again.

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