Oncologist And Mother, Seema, Lost 27kgs, Stopped Yo-Yoing, Established A Lifestyle Fitness Solution

“Mum, race me up the stairs!” urged Seema’s young son.

Laughing and ready to indulge him, Seema ran up the stairs.

Only, she wasn’t laughing when she reached the top of the stairs. She could hardly breathe. She collapsed on the top of the stairs, her heart was pounding and she thought she was going into cardiac arrest.

That’s when she realised that her weight had not only affected the way she looked but her health as well.

A moment like this really puts things into perspective and can really spur anyone to make a change. And this is exactly what Seema did, she knew that she had to make a lasting lifestyle change.

“I knew if I continued like this I would be in the hospital in a few short months! I needed to make a change, a lasting change, one that would change my life.”

Today Seema’s life has completely changed - she is full of energy and she can run with her son for as long as he wants. A lifestyle change that has influenced all areas of her life!

Peeling Back The Layers

Seema had been really skinny in her 20s, and when she got married, she was around 41 kgs. But after that she discovered the joy of food and started gaining a lot of weight. On top of that, she had a rather difficult pregnancy which needed her to be very careful and restricted her movements. This unfortunately resulted in a lot of weight gain.

“After the baby was born I tried all kinds of diets; Keto, Atkins I exercised as well and I managed to lose a lot of weight and brought it down to 65kgs. But I kept yo-yoing! As soon as I brought my weight down I started to eat again and would put on a lot of weight again! I felt awful and so embarrassed. So much so that I stayed away from social engagements constantly making excuses, I just didn’t like the way I looked and didn’t want to be seen. I wore clothes that were too large so I could conceal my weight. I also dreaded the summer time as I knew that I couldn’t hide in my clothes at that time.”

Seema had found herself in a rut, she was stuck! She wanted to lose weight and was trying everything she could. But her lack of progress left her feeling demotivated and depressed which resulted in her eating even more! Her long hours as an oncologist didn’t help, she was tired and felt like she had no time or energy to do anything to change.

Enter RNT

Just when Seema was wondering how she could achieve her dream physique a friend of hers posted his checkpoint pictures on Facebook.

“I was so shocked! I thought it must be fake! So I immediately called him and asked him if it was for real! I just couldn’t believe it when I saw him on FaceTime. I signed up to RNT straight away!”

The Winning Formula

Seema was committed and invested in her RNT journey from the start. Seeing her friend’s results gave her complete belief and faith in the RNT methodology and she was determined to make a success of it.

The Support

“From the very beginning you know you are in good hands. From the application form right through the support on how to plan your meals and the support from the RNT team. I was completely engaged and I had an unmatched belief in RNT! I knew I had to adhere to the plan or I would have wasted money and time and I wasn’t going to do that.”

Batch Cooking

It’s amazing how many RNTers find the simple solution of batch cooking such a revelation. Making sure that you have the food that is right for you in terms of macros, calories and portion sizes reduces the chance of slipping up.

“I was unsure at first. I am used to cooking fresh meals everyday and I was wondering if batch cooking would sit well with me. But it gave me so much more time in the day for things like my steps and my training. Now, I even batch cook for my son!”

Managing Cravings

At the start of every journey RNTers face a number of challenges, some find it hard to get in the steps, some find it hard to make it to the gym. Seema found managing her cravings for sweet and savoury snacks particularly hard!

“I even proclaimed undying love to my favourite snack! But when I discussed this with the RNT team, we decided to adjust my calories for a day so I could enjoy 100gms of ‘chevda’, I enjoyed every single bite! I think that’s what makes RNT different. It’s not just a fad diet, it’s a way of life.”

Learning how to navigate around food by using macros as a guideline is one of the cornerstones of the RNT journey. RNT doesn’t give you the fish, it teaches you how to fish.

Finding The Time

Before joining RNT, Seema felt she just didn’t have the time to train or walk. But with the support from the team and the wonderful RNT community she learnt to prioritize her health. When you are a high performer, work always takes precedence unless we make a conscious choice and make health a priority.

“I started to block off time in my calendar so people will not book in meetings at that time. And I stepped out for a walk after lunch every day. My husband and I worked out a schedule so he would put our son to bed thrice a week so I could head to the gym. At night I changed my behaviour from snacking and mindlessly watching Netflix to getting on the treadmill and getting to my step target.”

Before Seema found it really hard to find the energy and felt really sluggish. A few weeks after starting the RNT journey, she felt like a totally new person.

Seema’s biggest win was the fact that she held herself accountable. She set her mind to it and made sure that she stuck to her meal and training plan. These are the members who manage to achieve the most outstanding results.

Sticking To The System

“People thought I wouldn’t adhere and that I would just bounce back. I had lost weight before and then would eat junk and put all the weight back on again and my friends and family thought it would be the same again this time. Even after The Grind I still stuck to my plan, I make sure I get at least 13,000 to 14,000 steps a day, I don’t go to bed unless I have met my step target! It’s literally insane what you learn on the RNT journey. The amount of support you get is really what makes all the difference. RNT is definitely nothing you have ever done before.”

The Physical Is The Vehicle

Going through the RNT journey is not just about losing weight. It’s about the strength you get from the process and not just the physical strength but the mental strength.

“I found that I was more energetic even at work and instead of just working hard I was working smart. Health and weight all ties into longevity. I have people who rely on me, a son that relies on me. I have a responsibility for myself and my family. For me, being adherent to my goal was non-negotiable.”

Seema is now in the shape of her life and is a high performer in her work and her life.

Her amazing results through her RNT journey has made an impact on her immediate family. Her husband and her sister have been inspired by her journey and this is RNT’s biggest driver - changing the world one transformation at a time!

Starting Stats - 73kgs

Finishing Stats - 46kgs

The Podcast

In this episode of RNT Fitness Radio Akash peels back the layers to really understand Seema’s journey. Heartfelt and sincere Seema talks about how scared she was for her health and well being and how she was so desperate for change.

She elaborates on how she rejigged her priorities and her schedule to make sure that she was a high performer at work.

And more importantly how she applied herself to the RNT methodology so she would always be able to run and jump and play with her son to their heart’s content.

You can listen to this podcast on your favourite platform.

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