Orthopaedic Surgeon Kinner Dropped 20+kg To Unveil Killer Physique

Break away from the plateau and accelerate your fitness - An RNT Hero Story

Kinner Davda, an orthopaedic surgeon joined RNT when he knew he needed something in his life to change. He wanted to become the best version of himself possible.

With his single minded dedication and focus Kinner more than met his goals. He absolutely smashed his RNT journey reaching levels of fitness he never thought he was capable of.

In 15 months, not only is he in the shape of his life (+20kg down), but he’s been able to unlock the physical as the vehicle to improve his life in countless ways. He’s become an essentialist, he’s filled with energy, and he’s bringing a whole new level of presence and focus in his relationships. To top it all, he’s now inspiring his parents and children to actively live a healthy lifestyle - generational health at its best!

Kinner continues to work hard towards building on his progress through the Investment Phase of his transformation journey.⁠ As well as looking great, Kinner’s transformation has really transcended the physical - all that hard work is paying off.

The Trigger

Kinner had always been fitness focussed, active in his youth playing football and rugby. Went to the gym regularly and had a decent diet. Despite all this he still felt there was a missing element that was keeping him from his ideal. He wanted to be fit and be charged with energy so he could live his life to the fullest.

“When I became a father, I found finding time for myself and training at the gym difficult. Life was busy with work and my children. My wife and I tried our best to stay healthy and fit but it wasn’t always easy. That was when I came across RNT - a few of our friends had gone through their transformation journeys and I was so impressed I knew we had to try it for myself.”

Read on to get a close-up on Kinner’s inspiring transformation journey.

Kinner’s Big ‘Why’

“My children were growing up and I wanted to be a good example by showing them that I took my health and fitness seriously. I have always found exercise to be an anchor to better eating habits, sleep and psychological well being. This is so crucial when you are a doctor and you have such erratic working hours and schedules.”

The Eye Openers

Through the phases Clean The Palate and The Process Phases Kinner found that there was a big gap in his training and his knowledge with respect to nutrition. He wasn’t tracking his macros and he didn’t really measure out his food. Even his training was a bit ad hoc and sporadic.

What he lacked was a Structure, System and Strategy. His 3Ss needed to be fine-tuned and set it to place so he could navigate around all the variables that life inevitably threw at him.

The RNT Journey Highlights

  1. When he began with RNT, Kinner weighed-in at 83kgs. After 15 months - Kinner was 20kgs lighter at 63kgs. He had new found strength and energy to meet the demands as a doctor as well as a father.
  2. Kinner’s enhanced knowledge on food and nutrition meant he knew how to flex his macros to make sure he stayed within his calorie range. Ensuring that he wouldn’t rebound to his previous weight.
  3. With his 3Ss in place Kinner had a road map he could follow to ensure that his fitness journey continued, making sure he didn’t lose his way.
  4. His priorities were clear now, his life free of clutter. Kinner could now focus on all aspects of his life that were really important to him and those that made him truly happy.

Kinner’s Testimonial

“I have had some fantastic coaches. They listened to my needs carefully and guided me through the whole process. I really feel the accountability element that RNT gives you is the key. When feeling low and out of energy the amazing coaching brings you back on track. The stamina you build up over the course of the journey really holds you in good stead. It lays the groundwork for the next 10,15 even 20 years. These 16 months has really been an eye-opener. I now look at my life closely, and now I only focus on the things that are important and those that make me happy. RNT has really helped me hone in on that.”

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