Our Culture

    Our vision is to see a world where everyone experiences the power of the physical focus to act as a vehicle to transform their lives. To strive towards this vision of ours, it requires a high performance team culture, and this document is here to describe what it’s like at RNT.

    Core Values

    The values at RNT underpin everything we do – from our coaching, education, technology and our teamwork. It’s everything, and the more you can resonate with our values, the more likely you’ll thrive at RNT.


    • Your purpose is to facilitate transformation in others.
    • You see transformation as more than just the physical.
    • You care more about a client’s journey and achievement than they do.
    • You make your fellow team members better.
    • You are all in on our shared purpose.


    • You aim to produce remarkable, important work to serve with selfless authenticity.
    • You seek what is best for RNT, not what is best for yourself.
    • You look for ways to give back and pay it forward through educating others.
    • You seek to build rapport with our team and our clients.
    • You are adaptable and flexible in your approach.

    Self Mastery

    • You are a continuous life-long learner with a growth mindset.
    • You believe the power of the RNT transformation journey has no limits.
    • You are open to feedback, and are happy to give feedback to everyone at RNT.
    • You take ownership of your responsibilities.
    • You seek to perform at a high level in all areas, and strive for consistently high standards.


    • You stay authentic, transparent and real, even if it is uncomfortable.
    • You share information openly and purposefully.
    • You seek to collaborate with fellow team members across the company.
    • You embrace difficult conversations with our team and clients in the best interest of RNT.
    • You understand the power of our shared purpose and vision.


    • You recognise helping people transform is a way of life, not a job.
    • You practice what you preach in everything you do, and continue to go through the five phases of our transformation journey.
    • You seek to be effective, not busy.
    • You are curious about different backgrounds, lifestyles and methods of living.
    • You take care of yourself.

    It’s one task to write all our team values down, it’s a different ball game trying to live by them. In the next section, we’re going to describe how we implement these values on a daily basis.

    High Performance Growth Mindset

    Our definition of high performance is the pursuit of excellence to facilitate a wider purpose. The crux of this lies in having a growth mindset, which means having the ability and curiosity to explore within to evolve thought. It means challenging ourselves to continuously seek improvement, whether that’s in our education, methodology or systems. With a vision such as ours, evolution of thought is critical. Our transformation journey itself is one that continues to evolve and develop on its quest for self mastery – and this ethos is carried down right into our high performance team culture. You only need to be a fly on the wall in our team meetings, forums and 1-1s to see our shared purpose in action.

    Purpose, Authenticity & Resilience

    One our core philosophies is purpose over profit. We are a purpose-led company that will make decisions, improvements and develop based on our collective vision. This is a new concept for the fitness industry and professionals alike, and it’s a non-negotiable requirement for being a part of our team. The industry’s obsession with profit has led to unethical behaviour, practices and mindsets in an industry that should be obsessed with only one thing: transformation. If you’re a part of our team, it means your personal mission aligns with our collective one, and you’re all in on the bigger picture we are striving towards. Being purpose driven means having credible intentions of service, the foundation of delivering our transformation journey.

    A strong purpose, especially in our realm of transformation, means understanding the concept of mental resilience. No matter where you are in the team, you have to be resilient enough to withstand any adversity faced by our clients, and be the ones to help navigate the journey regardless of impossible circumstances. For our coaching team, this differentiates the average personal trainer with a transformation coach – they’re two separate entities, and not to be confused. Knowing the importance of mental resilience, we invest regular time individually and as teams ‘strengthening our armour’.

    Ownership & Responsibility

    Being a leader is critical in every position we have on our team. While we share a common purpose and belief in the transformation journey, we encourage everyone to find their authenticity. Working out of your flow is limiting, and is a detriment to not only yourself, but the whole company. That’s why we put a strong onus on ownership. Everyone is a leader in their own right, and has a strong responsibility to do their best work for the greater good of the purpose. Having ownership of your responsibility means fixing problems on your own accord, bringing solutions to the table, and holding yourself accountable to high standards. Micro-managing rarely works. At RNT we like to nurture and develop our leaders from within, and give everyone an opportunity to express their authenticity. It all comes back to purpose – if you have alignment to our purpose, you will always act in its best interest.

    Being A Team Player

    Having self mastery as a core value means we place a strong emphasis on improving from within. That means a high level of accountability and transparency that is rare in similar organisations. Our version of a great team environment is one that fosters and facilitates a high level of learning, development, and subsequently, a team that produces remarkable work, and seeks to improve it thereafter. A growth mindset is critical.

    This is challenging, and it means we have to hire well. There’s nowhere to hide, and part of our culture is in pushing yourself to be the best team member you can be, and being intensely passionate about the growth of your team too. Leaders create leaders.

    We don’t rest on our laurels, nor shy away from being transparent, or being held accountable. In fact, we seek feedback on a daily basis, and encourage one another to be as candid as possible. Difficult and challenging conversations in the best interest of RNT are important and non-negotiable. Feedback is all for growth and the greater good. To have these discussions, we aim to cultivate a safe environment for everyone to share, be open and seek help.

    Being a team player at RNT is about fostering collaboration across the company, not just with a few members of your individual team. Having a shared purpose means each team’s actions impact the wider company. Which is why we remain transparent in our strategy, improvement tests, data and bigger picture decisions. It’s important everyone is well informed.

    We track data meticulously, and our individual, team and company KPIs are there for us to maintain accountability and identify the gaps. We use this to spark discussion, drive hypotheses, and drive growth. We are our own in house laboratory, and this is an exciting place to be. On a daily basis, we can capture real world insights on real clients with real lives, and evolve our methodology accordingly. Nothing else but transformation matters, so we use our work with clients to draw conclusions on what can be improved.

    Flexibility & Lifestyle

    Being a digital company, it’s easy to think it’s all about deck chairs, pina coladas and watching the sunset while you’re working. Flexibility and living a lifestyle by your design, in accordance with our core values, is a must. But everyone at RNT knows the ‘laptop lifestyle’ is a myth. If you’re after the 4 hour work week, this isn’t the place for you.

    There’s a level of intensity and pressure we thrive off here. That’s not to say we’re burning the midnight oil, because we believe in being effective, not busy. It’s too easy to be ‘busy’ all the time, but it’s harder to audit your life, your choices and your behaviours to be effective on a daily basis. In our quest for high performance, we strive to maximise ‘flexible, productive and impactful hard work’ in order to fulfil our purpose, while also looking after your own self-care. The balance of the two is critical, and it’s why we offer tremendous support to our team to ensure their personal wellbeing is intact.

    By emphasising flexible and productive working, it means you have time for personal development (self-mastery), time with your loved ones (community) and the ability to work on your own health, in all facets – mind, body and soul. You have to walk the walk at RNT by living and breathing the journey. A guiding principle we live by is if you haven’t been to the extreme yourself, you can’t take our clients to the extreme. This applies to the entire team, not just our coaches.

    Living In Flow

    The fitness industry is notorious for being a dog eat dog world with no security, stability or development. RNT is built to give aspiring professionals in the industry the opportunity to be a part of a team who share a common purpose, do meaningful work, and focus on what’s in their flow: transforming lives.

    Specifically for our coaches, we focus on taking all the stress and headache away from you, with no requirements to sell and market yourself, or worry about service admin. Our company is designed to allow our coaches to double down on their strengths, and dedicate their energy to facilitating transformation journeys. To add to this, we also give our coaches paid annual leave, weekends off for loved ones and flexible hours – all totally alien in our fitness industry.

    Commitment to Mission

    The underpinning of everything written here is a commitment to our mission and vision. Creating a world where people see the power of having the focus of a physical transformation to then act as a vehicle for the greater good is what we strive for. We want people all over the world to experience the power of what we do.

    To do so, everyone on the team needs to sing off the same hymn sheet, and be committed to the greater purpose. It’s mission critical to have an undying belief for our unique five phase methodology and journey. Our biggest threat is never a competitor or a market change, it’s maintaining and developing our culture.

    With a commitment to the mission comes big picture thinking, the extra mile and an intense belief in what RNT will accomplish in the future. It becomes each team member’s relentless duty to ‘find the edges’, chase down the 1% and be the best they can be for the greater purpose.

    This document has contributions from different teams within the company, because it’s important we record what actually happens while working at RNT. Our culture is constantly being shaped and is evolving as we learn, improve and grow our team. Just like a snake, every few months we shed our skin to operate at a new level. In that step change, our work becomes more productive, more inspiring, and more transformative. `And while we know chasing perfection is unattainable, the thrill of the chase means we know we’ll create something remarkable along the way.

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