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New Parents Jay & Delia Drop A Combined 35kg After Birth Of Newborn Son

As a new young family, it can be very easy to allow your new (or lack of) structure, habits and lifestyle take over, and for you to completely forget about taking care of your own self.

Months of sleepless nights, a sedentary lifestyle, and a diet centred around fast food and convenience will only lead to one outcome: rapid weight gain!

That’s what happened to Jay and Delia, who in the four months after their son was born, lost all sense of care for themselves as they rightfully poured their love, energy and time into Ayush.

But after this period of time, they both realised that in order for them to live effectively, be strong, healthy and full of energy, they needed to bring some focus back to themselves.

They also knew if they did it together, it’d make it so much easier, as they’d be able to hold each other highly accountable on a daily basis.

The problem was, they didn’t know where to start, and had no capacity to think or make the decision on what they should be doing.

Enter RNT.

The beauty of a physical transformation journey is that you can’t hide. You have to focus on yourself in order to be successful in making a change, and so there’s no better journey for a young, growing family to be on – if the parents are at their absolute best, then it’s only going to have a positive effect on the rest of the family.

Through the course of the initial 24-29 weeks, Jay and Delia dropped a combined weight of 35kgs, and both got into the shape of their lives. What’s been great is after their first Transformation Checkpoint they both decided to continue their journey and go deep into their respective Investment Phases.

Delia is learning how to build lifestyle solutions more effectively, while Jay is committed to muscle building, and both are making big deposits for future rewards!

In this case study, we’re going to dive into Jay and Delia’s stories, and how the physical proved to be a real vehicle in elevating all aspects of their family’s lives.

Starting Point

Delia’s Starting Bodyweight: 70.8kg

Delia’s Starting Waist Circumference: 41 inches

Jay’s Starting Bodyweight: 64.9kg

Jay’s Starting Waist Circumference: 34.5 inches

RNT: Why did you get started on this journey?

Delia: My journey began in the summer of 2018 along with my husband Jayesh and our four month old baby boy, Ayush, our motivation. RNT was recommended to us through family and I was just amazed at one transformation in particular. Despite training with Jay sporadically over the recent years, I’ve never really been into health and fitness. But I was now at a point in my life where I had to make a change, not just for my own health but for my new family.

4 months prior to signing up to RNT, my body was broken after a 49 hour long labour. I suffered severe birth trauma, back problems from 6 epidural needles, lymphedema in my feet and more. Whilst I was adjusting to my new role as a mother, I was also in a lot of pain. Even simple things like sitting, standing or walking was difficult! I became sedentary, my diet became focused around fast/convenience foods and I gained even more weight.

My goal was to become strong, healthy, full of energy and really just to be myself again. As a new mother I had no time for guessing games and it was important that I didn’t take precious time and focus away from my son.

Jay: In March 2018, my wife & I were given the greatest blessing of becoming new parents to a beautiful baby boy. This didn’t come without obstacles, so whilst having the new responsibility of being a father, I had to become a better husband to help my wife recover from a difficult labour. The next four months consisted of typical sleepless nights, a sedentary lifestyle, terrible nutrition focused around fast/convenience foods (primarily Nando’s), stress, feeling isolated, a level of depression and a mixture of other challenges. We completely forgot about taking care of ourselves.

In mid-July, we felt as though we were in a more comfortable state and decided it was time to make a change for the health and future of our growing family. I also want to be the best possible role model for my son too and encourage him to live a healthy, active lifestyle. (I especially can’t wait to get him into bouldering!)

RNT: What was the process like, and how do you feel now compared to before?

Delia: Keeping in mind Ayush’s routine was always changing, Jayesh and I planned out every week as best as possible to avoid wasting time. The training plan set by RNT was easy to follow and the meal plan was great. RNT took the decisions away from me which helped me stay on track and achieve results. After noticing physical changes week on week, we were both hooked.

This new lifestyle couldn’t have been possible without an amazing coaching team. I have nothing but positive words to describe you guys. Most importantly for me, the team at RNT was always enthusiastic and showed compassion towards the struggles I encountered. Negative comments from people left me feeling demotivated and I’d sometimes have sleepless nights but the wonderful RNT community helped me get back on track.

I signed up to RNT for 3 months but after about 6-7 weeks, Jayesh and I decided that it would be far more beneficial to increase to 6 months (and we are still going over a year later!). This was most definitely the best decision as we achieved better results but the lifestyle just became normal for us, we didn’t need to even think about it. I’m now working on maintaining my physique with a flexible diet.

I’m truly grateful to RNT for showing us the way towards better health and wellness. This programme has changed my life in so many ways and I’ve enjoyed my maternity leave so much more with my family.

Jay: From the start, RNT set a straightforward meal plan for me to follow, taking decisions away and ensuring that if I focused on this (along with the training plan) I’d see some serious changes. RNT’s analysis of my workout videos alone was invaluable, and this sent my strength gains to a completely new level (30kg chin ups for reps!).

And as the weeks progressed the weight was shifting, my appearance was changing and I was getting stronger and stronger. I was HOOKED. RNT was the best decision we made, even more so as we have been away for over 35 days during this period! The RNT team gave us great advice on how to stay on track whilst on holiday, without this I would have regressed massively as I LOVE my food, especially desserts!

I ended 2018 on a massive high, let’s not forget to mention that I was nearly 15kg lighter. It was also at that point that I decided to book and direct my own photoshoot (before that it never really appealed to me). But being a photographer I realised that it would be crazy if I didn’t do it and I felt it was important to document this milestone before moving onto the next. I was also lucky enough to have an RNT coach pop down for my shoot, that was a real boost and he offered some great tips and suggestions to help bring out the best in me.

Whilst the physical change is amazing, I feel as though this has been an even more productive journey into self discovery and as a result, I’ve changed my outlook on various aspects of life for the better. I’ve been flying through 2019. My energy levels and motivation are literally through the roof. If you asked me to wake up at 5am a year ago, I’d have said, ‘hell no!’ Now I’m at the gym as soon as the doors open at 6am. I literally feel awesome and I’m so much more confident in life and motivated more than ever to develop my business.

I see incredible value in having RNT guide me for the foreseeable future. I just love to train, push myself to the max and want to see where this can take me!

Stats & Pictures

Delia’s Leanest Bodyweight: 49.8kg

Delia’s Leanest Waist Circumference: 30 inches

Jay’s Leanest Bodyweight: 50kg

Jay’s Leanest Waist Circumference: 27 inches

What’s Next?

The changes in the pictures above were taken in December 2018. As we know, it’s one thing to get into awesome shape, and it’s another goal in itself to actually maintain your results. Ever since Delia dropped 20kg, she’s been in a lifestyle maintenance phase where she’s only gained 1kg from her absolute lowest – Consolidation and Investment (focusing on lifestyle solution) Phases done very well! You can see the comparison below, which are taken 7 months apart, and longer than the initial transformation took!

For Jay, his focus has been different since a successful Consolidation Phase, with all his efforts being poured into an aggressive Investment Phase, where he’s trying to pack on as much muscle as possible.

The Pankhania’s also celebrated their one year anniversary with us at RNT on the 23rd of July 2019, and you can read a little more about their journey through the phases at RNT below:

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