Pavan stopped spinning his wheels and got beach body ready in 15 weeks

Before starting with RNT, I had been going to the gym on and off for 5 years, but have never had any progress in my physique to show for it. Whilst my training had always been consistent enough to get results, it was the nutritional knowledge that I was lacking and I knew this was the missing ingredient.

Coming into 2019, my ‘why’ was to actually have a 6 pack by the summer that I’ve always wanted to achieve but never been able to get. When starting out with RNT, I thought it would be a quick fix solution that I could achieve within 6 months, have my summer body and then go back to normal, but what I realised over the 15 weeks was completely different than I imagined.

As well as achieving my physique goal within 15 weeks, what I’ve been most impressed about is just how simple this really is with the right education. This is a common theme throughout the podcasts, articles, social media posts etc that are shared and when you’re not on the journey, it seems the complete opposite from simple. However, I would assure anyone that wanted to do this journey with RNT that it is a 100% proven and accurate method. You guys are amazing! The amount of research, studying, trial and error you’ve been through has all come together to find the best way to not only achieve your results the right way (and not the quick way) but to most importantly maintain those results. I know a lot of people (including myself) are hesitant on working with online personal trainers because of the fact that it isn’t physically in person and there’s a fairly high cost, but it completely works in every way. What is missing from traditional gym PTs that no one knows about is the meal plan, workout plan, advice and guidance along the way, including progress pictures every week followed by amendments for the following week which makes it so personal for each person. I think my biggest misconception was thinking that if I’m to achieve my goal, I can’t go out for dinner, I can’t drink, I can’t go to any social events and family events that will take me off my diet but I was so wrong. With the right advice, I was able to pretty much live the same lifestyle I was living before, but just being more aware of what I was doing when I wasn’t eating my own cooked food. This has changed my life drastically and the way I now look at life is so much more measured, positive, motivated and generally just HAPPIER. That is really what I think is my transformation. Not only achieving my goal, but actually being overall happier and I can’t thank you guys enough for it.

In summary, over the 15 weeks and before turning 24 I have been able to:

  • Secure a new job
  • Achieve the physique I’ve always wanted including being stronger and leaner than ever before
  • Have a more positive mental attitude
  • Be motivated to achieve future goals and targets
  • Help other family and friends with nutritional advice in order for them to achieve their goals and targets

A massive thank you again, I would definitely recommend RNT to every single person that asks me about my experience.

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