Petite And Slim Soha Got Fit And Strong With RNT Fitness

All my life I have been petite and slim, but I was never healthy. I was fortunate to have a great metabolism that would hide away my bad food habits, so I never took the time to understand what was healthy for my body. However, in the last few years my metabolism slowed down and my life became less active. I would go to the gym once in a while, but I would always feel uncomfortable trying new machines or attempting the free weights and would always stick to the treadmill. My meals were picked based on convenience and ‘Pizza Friday’ suddenly became a norm. It was only recently that I noticed my body was quite unfit and that I had a lack of knowledge when it came to being healthy.

It was during a beach holiday this summer that I realised I was no longer confident with my body and I was not happy, constantly feeling and looking bloated. It was after this that my husband and I decided it was time to make a change. That’s when we decided to join RNT and I am so glad we did!

Like any big lifestyle change, the process initially was difficult and overwhelming, but once a routine was put in place (and of course with the guidance and encouragement from RNT) things started to get easier. Gym sessions started to become more fulfilling and my confidence expanded from just using a treadmill. Whenever I was in doubt, RNT were always available to keep me in check, which was great! I think the most challenging aspect of the journey was finding the right routine around my full time job where I could prep my meals in advance to maintain my diet. RNT really helped me get past this hurdle and gave me various simple solutions that could be applied to make meal prepping more time efficient and still achieve a healthy meal plan.

So far my results have been amazing! Not only do I look healthier but I feel healthier- which is something I haven’t really felt before. Small things like walking up a set of stairs doesn’t seem like an intense exercise anymore and lifting heavy items don’t seem so heavy anymore. This may have started off as a short journey to change my physical appearance but it turned into a lifelong journey that has provided me with more knowledge and understanding about healthy living. My journey has not yet ended with RNT and I am very excited to find out where it takes me next!

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