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Power Couple Naini And Ujj Lost A Combined Weight Of 60 Kgs And Now Enjoying Optimal Health At 40 Years Young

Life was just beginning to follow a steady, predictable and happy course for Ujj and Naini.

They were both just nearing the big 4 - 0, had successful careers, had a beautiful 4 year old daughter and had just bought their dream house.

They were happy and couldn’t have possibly asked for more.


Every time they looked in the mirror they felt like there was a shadow that took away some of their contentment.

Naini: “ I was very happy. We had our lovely baby; we bought our home; I was happy professionally. But for so many years my focus had always been external, I had stopped looking after myself. I had not been exercising, nor had I been conscious of my food choices, which is why suddenly I was 70 kgs! I felt heavy and I also felt like my life had no direction anymore, and that’s not the way I wanted to live my life.”

So on the surface, everything was looking pretty peachy.

But underneath both Ujj and Naini felt uneasy.

Ujj: “Health has always been very important to me. My entire family has been troubled by ill health. My father passed away at 59 from cancer. A close cousin passed away at 40 from heart disease. And I felt like I wasn’t doing everything I could to live a long and healthy life.”

The Push For Change

Then, one drunken evening in 2020, Ujj was sitting on his couch at 2am and mindlessly scrolling through Instagram when he saw the RNT transformation of a person he used to work with.

Ujj: “I couldn’t believe it! He looked amazing! And I went straight to the RNT website and started scrolling through all the case studies. I found all the stories so inspiring.

I then started forwarding links to Naini so she could see them in the morning. I thought we had to do this and do this together.”

Ujj felt the need to turn his health around even more because he was going to be 40 soon. And for him that was a big milestone, he had got his life on a steady track, now he needed to put his health on a steady track too!

Transforming Together

After pouring over all the material Ujj could get his hands on, he knew that he had to sign up to the programme, and he knew he had to do it with Naini.

Ujj: “I wanted both of us to benefit from the programme. I knew that if we did it together we would make exceptional progress and have amazing results. By going through it together we could support each other and keep each other accountable.”

Naini: “When Ujj told me to sign up, I took it up as a challenge. I knew that if I committed to something I would do my best. I also wanted to teach my daughter how to take care of her health, if I was clueless how could I give her the right information?”

Ujj and Naini had nailed their ‘why’ and the ‘why’ behind the why - they wanted to live long, healthy productive lives and improve generational health. With such strong reasons backing their decision, they were sure to reach their goals!

Ujj: “Choosing to do this programme together has been the best decision we have ever made, it has brought us closer as a couple and we have really grown in our relationship.”

Was the whole journey a walk in the park for Naini and Ujj?

Not quite!

They had their share of challenges, but the RNT coaching team was with them every step of the way offering them guidance and advice.

Naini: “I struggled with managing my cravings, but I learnt to be satisfied with a small piece instead of wanting to finish a whole bar of chocolate. Nothing was off limits, we just had to learn to choose healthier portion sizes.

We also struggled socially! Suddenly we were excluded from social events because they didn’t understand why we were being so particular about what we ate. But then it dawned on us, maybe they weren’t real friends! Those who truly supported us and encouraged we realised were our true friends”

Ujj: “I don’t like to think of them as challenges. Instead, I like to think of them as lessons learnt. I learnt how to fit in my cardio, training and steps. I learnt how to utilise the hours in my day most effectively.”

Naini chose to work out at home as it meant she could fit her training in when she had some space in the day: while Ujj chose to work out at the gym.

Naini is an early riser so she chose to work out early in the morning while her daughter slept. But for Ujj, evenings worked better.

Ujj batch cooked his own meals as he had a completely different meal plan and preferences to Naini. And Naini found her own foods that she enjoyed eating and batch cooked her own meals.

They had figured out a routine that worked for them and they enjoyed it!

Naini: “The great thing is, my daughter would also join me when I exercised. She now naturally chooses fruit and fresh veg instead of biscuits when she is hungry and wants a snack. We can see the education we got from RNT make a difference in her life already!”

How has the physical been the vehicle?

The physical results are evident in the photos! They both look amazing! But the benefits go way beyond that.

Naini: “I can now do 100 push-ups across 3 sets while before I couldn’t do a single push-up! I have a clear mindset and I feel so positive about my life. We had some medical check-ups done after we hit our checkpoint and the results were so positive, we are now both at the optimal level of health at nearly 40 years old! ”

Ujj: “There is no more brain fog, my mind is clear and I know what we can achieve. We can choose to buy a house but we can’t choose our body, all we can do is choose to take care of it in the best way we can.”

Some Invaluable Insights

Every single member has their own unique perspective on the programme. Which is why we always ask them to share what their biggest learnings were and what helped them the most to reach their health and fitness goals.

Naini: “I believe that if you set aside any doubts and just trust the process, you will see results.”

Ujj: “I think you need to join with the right mindset. The first step to join is hard but once you do the coaches have got your back. Enjoy the journey and honestly if we can do it, anyone can do it!”

The Podcast

We had a lovely chat with Ujj and Naini in episode 310 of RNT Fitness Radio.

In the podcast you get a deeper understanding of what drove Ujj to sign up and how he lost 30 kgs through the RNT programme.

We also hear more from Naini and what strategies she had in place to drop 25 kgs despite having a full schedule.

If you are a parent to young children and you have no idea how you could possibly add more items to your never-ending to-do list, this podcast is definitely worth a listen.

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