Pushing New Boundaries Viraj Discovered New Inner Strength


1. What were your biggest struggles before joining RNT?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst working and travelling a lot for work was very challenging. Due to loss of routine, lack of clear direction and motivation for training and eating healthily led to a large weight gain in a very short period of time.

Preventing snacking as a result of not being completely full/ not having a clear meal plan and idea of how to manage eating throughout the day.

No clear training programme, which had led to a loss of motivation (despite previously being a very active person).

2. How have you found the process so far?

Thoroughly enjoyed throwing myself into the process and embracing the multiple challenges that have been presented. Allowed for introspection and self understanding, which helped me throughout the lockdown period and ensured that I built and maintained good habits and routine.

Having a clear plan and direction gave me strong motivation to achieve positive outcomes. Maintaining these results is further motivation going forwards and building into a long-term solution/maintenance.

3. What have been your biggest insights and benefits on the journey so far?

I am more capable of pushing myself than I thought.

I have a strong support network around me and this has driven me to keep going and remaining motivated, even during the greatest challenges that the journey has presented so far.

4. How has the physical been the vehicle for you in your life?

Being fitter and healthier has given me much more energy to spend on the things that are beneficial to me and reducing the time wasted on what is not. It has helped me to understand how to prioritise my time and energy, which I will use to hold me in good stead going forward.


1. What is your goal for the next phase of your transformation journey?

Maintain the results that I have achieved so far, with regards to physique and energy levels.

Continue to push myself with training and improve overall weights and strength to allow me to take on more physical challenges, e.g. boxing/ triathlon potentially in the future.

Build the eating hygiene habits going forwards, whilst giving myself more freedom, but ensuring that sticking to the basics that this process has given me. Allowing me to enjoy life more, but remaining mindful around my own personal wellbeing and health.

2. What is your ‘why behind your why’ for The Investment Phase?

• Achieving my long-term fitness goals of pushing myself into new areas e.g. pushing heavier weights and new challenges, e.g. white collar boxing match/ triathlon.

• Gives me confidence in the way I look and way that I approach situations.

3. Think to the future, what would you like your Version 2.0 Reward Phase to be?

Be able to ensure that I remain motivated in training and living an active and healthy lifestyle for the long-term.

Being stronger and more physically capable, but building this into lifestyle and being more mindful about long-term decisions.

5. Where do you sit on the Investment Continuum?

• Ideally from past experiences of doing well with training programmes and then falling off due to changes in lifestyle/ other external factors (Classic yo-yoing), I feel that this process has given me more understanding of where I want to be.

• I want to achieve a lifestyle solution that allows me to maintain my results as far as possible, whilst building more strength and ensuring that I develop the correct mindset to be able to understand how to maintain results going forward, e.g. meal planning, but being flexible and understanding how to manage; manage holidays (Avoid binge-ing)

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