EP 4: Dealing With ‘Post Diet’ Phase, Strength Plateaus & Muscle Building Psychology

EP 4: Dealing With ‘Post Diet’ Phase, Strength Plateaus & Muscle Building Psychology

Welcome to episode four of RNT Fitness Radio!

In this episode, we breakdown 5 of their clients’ most common muscle building and fat loss questions in a simple Q&A type format.

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Show Notes:

[0.54] How to deal with the ‘post diet’ phase – both physically & mentally

[7:58] Akash’s ever-ringing home phone…

[10:54] How to avoid and break through strength plateaus

[14:04] How to recover between sessions & reduce soreness

[16:45] Does stretching help DOMS?

[17:23] Strategies for mentally dealing with adding muscle size without losing your abs for those who’ve come from being overweight

[20:54] How to deal with the Christmas period

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