Shwetha JairamShwetha Jairam · Apr 29th, 2022

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RNT’s Mission To Inspire And Transform Lives Extends Into The Charity Sector

RNT has always been mission driven with a strong sense of purpose. Our motto has always been to use the power of the physical as the vehicle to bring out the best in people. 

Our belief is that optimum physical fitness can unlock high performance. It can cultivate a level of confidence, courage and focus to do things they never thought possible. But our efforts to enhance the lives of individuals doesn’t stop with our members. We wish to have an impact on the larger community and we are always looking for avenues to be a force for greater good. 

This is where our training workshops come into play - all proceeds raised from the workshops goes to support a London based charity.  

Every quarter we host training workshops we like to call The Void Workshop for RNTers. In these workshops our members can learn how to perfect their technique, be exposed to what real intensity in the gym feels like and unlock their full potential. 

Since we are an online fitness company, The Void Workshop was designed to give our members the opportunity for personal interaction. There is so much power in our community and to see our members inspire and support each other is a major driver for this event. 

Why is it called The Void?

The Void is the ephemeral zone we enter during the peak of training. 

In The Void, time stands still. You suddenly find the ability and the willpower to take yourself to higher and higher levels of strength and effort. 

Akash - Voluntarily pushing your body to the limit impacts your mental resilience like
nothing else can. It is so intense and there is so much growth. 

We are based online and what we do is so much more affordable, it is location independent and so much more holistic but the in-person workshops are useful to show our members how to tap into that inner strength. 

Using the workshop as a springboard to support local charities was the next logical step. The proceeds raised from conducting these workshops always go towards a charitable cause. The twin benefits of using the workshops as a platform to build engagement among our members as well as a medium to give back to the community enhances our overall mission. 

Giving Back To The Community

Akash - I have always wanted to create a philanthropic arm to RNT. In 2019, on a flight back from Africa, I had this idea of starting The Vaghela Foundation. The purpose of the foundation was to encourage a growth mindset and entrepreneurial thinking in disadvantaged teenagers. I always thought - what if the next Steve Jobs just didn’t have the means to make his dream a reality? I wanted to create a foundation that could identify these budding entrepreneurs so they could succeed. At first, I thought I would support the youth in India or Kenya but then there is so much to do in London and since I am from this city I thought I would start in my hometown. 

This is why all the charities RNT supports, work with disadvantaged youth from deprived areas of London. 

In November 2021, we partnered with City Gateway, a London based charity that works with young adults between the ages of 16 to 24. Their purpose is to provide coaching and mentorship to the youth to open up opportunities so they can live more productive lives.

In March 2022, we raised funds for I Can You Can Too, a charity dedicated to serving underprivileged young people and communities in London. We were proud that we raised £1500 through the workshop and we matched that amount so raised a total of £3000. A small contribution towards the betterment of others. 

Our aim is to support more charities in our future events and spread our core message - ‘the physical is the vehicle’, and inspire the youth of today to lead healthy, active and productive lives. 

If you believe in our mission and want to contribute in some way to improve the livelihood of the youth in London please get in touch with us by replying to this email. 

Equally, if you are a part of a charity and you believe that your goals align with ours and would like to partner with us please send us an email to <>.
Shwetha JairamShwetha Jairam

Shwetha is RNT’s Transformation Storyteller: nothing gives her more pleasure than writing compelling stories that shines a spotlight on everyday heroes. She never ceases to be amazed by the human spirit and always has a notebook and pencil handy to quickly scribble down story ideas and thoughts. With her skills as a writer she presents to our readers the wonderful and inspiring journey transformations of RNT members.

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