EP 6: Ben Mark: Getting Photoshoot Ready

EP 6: Ben Mark: Getting Photoshoot Ready

Thinking of having a photo shoot that will show what you have worked for? Today on the show we chat with Ben Mark, fitness photographer based in Crawley West Sussex. 

We dive into the real-life challenges of traveling, dieting, burnout and understanding how to put your physique goals on the back burner when other things in life are the priority.  

If you’re doing a photo shoot to capture something you’ve worked so hard for, be proud of it.

– Ben Mark

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Key Highlights:

  Expert advice for having a great photoshoot

The importance of shifting your focus in life to avoid burnout in the gym. 

 Key lessons from Ben’s past photo shoot prep


Time Stamps

[00:38] – Ben Mark’s backstory.

04.40 – The mistake beginners make during a transformation

06.08 – Biggest challenge of Ben’s initial transformation

09.20 – Why you need muscle mass for a ‘complete’ body transformation

14.00 – How to instil balance and shift priorities so you’re in this for the long haul

[25:40]- Ben’s tips on maximising your first photoshoot

Quick Fire Question Segment

[28:15] – Should people get a spray tan or not before a photoshoot?

[29:18] – What should you shave before a photo shoot?

[30:56] – What should a client bring to a photo shoot?

[31:48] – What should you wear for a photo shoot.

[33:25] – Number one mistake people make in a photo shoot?

[35:13] – One thing that separates Ben from other photographers?

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