EP 14: Ben Mulamehic: Beware of the Dirty Bulk

EP 14: Ben Mulamehic: Beware of the Dirty Bulk

Do you need tips on how to overcome that plateau? How about body weight fluctuations, how much is too much? In this episode we interview one of RNT’s coaches, Ben Mulamehic. We address some of these issues and more.

Also, Ben discusses some of the mistakes that he made early on in his career.

“For those that want the extreme, they have to do the extreme”

– Akash

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Key Highlights:

⇾ How to get over inconsistency

⇾ Key exercises for predictor lifts

⇾ What supplements are necessary and which aren’t

Time Stamps

[06:43] – Mistakes Ben made early on chasing purely bodyweight

[11:35] – The catch 22, how fat is too fat?

[16:58] – The one mistake everyone makes, and the key to getting over it

[24:22] – Ben’s top 3 tips for breaking through strength plateaus

[27:39] – Ben’s favourite predictor lifts for each muscle group

[37:26] – Ben’s 3 favourite supplements for muscle growth and fat loss

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