EP15 – Interview with Josiah Novak

EP15 – Interview with Josiah Novak

Being an entrepreneur, husband and father are of the uttermost importance for our guest this week. In this episode, Adam and Akash interview Josiah Novak who shares some real life advice for those of us that are busy with work, family and fitness. Discover how to make a true, life long transformation and the mindset that you need to have going in.

“Stay in your lane and play the long game.”

– Akash


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Key Highlights:

⇾ Balancing a busy lifestyle with a daily fitness checklist

⇾ A realistic mindset for a fitness lifestyle transformation

⇾ The importance of transparency with clients 

Time Stamps

[01:58] The backstory of Josiah Novak

[16:55] Low points in life – dealing with depression and suicide

[22:23] Juggling your time being a husband, father, and entrepreneur

[27:16] Josiah’s daily checklist for fitness

[32:26] What is a true transformation?

[36:33] The mindset you need to make a true transformation

[41:57] How Josiah got into podcasting

[47:38] Josiah & Adam talk drinks

[55:41] The importance of transparency

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