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Sanjay’s Results With RNT Fitness Changed His Way Of Life

For most of my life I’ve been trying to get into shape. I have tried different workouts, by reading online articles, using personal trainers and home videos / DVDs. Although each one helped somewhat, they never made a significant difference to my physique. All this led to me feeling deflated, having put in so much effort in working out, but not seeing any significant results.

Then I came across RNT.

Initially I thought “here we go, just another company, showing unrealistic before and after pics!” However, out of curiosity I decided to look further. In doing so, I saw more than just the before and after photos. I saw case studies, whereby they would explain, in detail, how clients got into shape over time, and how their macros and workouts changed over time. This really grabbed my attention. It was clearly explained how the variables, when combined and executed consistently, create a body transformation, instead of just putting up some pics and making big, hollow claims.

So, I looked into it more and more, but was still sceptical for three reasons;

1 – My past experiences. Are they really different and genuine?

2 - Being a typical Gujarati (a state in Western India) with a body type that puts on fat easily and for whom building muscle is hard. Would this work for me?

3 – The cost! Was it going to be worth it?

However, the more I looked into the case studies the more I realised that if RNT could achieve a small percentage in my body transformation, compared to their case studies, then I would be over the moon! I thought about it a bit more, spoke to my wife, and, as we’re not getting any younger, we both decided to take the plunge! Little did we know what an impact RNT would have on our lives and lifestyle.

We signed up initially for 3 months, to see how it would go. We were quite pleasantly surprised as to how well RNT planned our workouts and, very importantly, our meals for the week. In addition, the regular progress assessments ensured that the accountability, was invaluable. We were absolutely astonished at our results at the end of the 3 months. Honestly, I cannot stress enough how we had both pretty much given up getting into shape at our age, and what a difference 3 months with RNT had made! We were so impressed that we decided to continue for another 3 months.

After another month of good progress, we decided to commit to a photo shoot. A few weeks of The Grind then followed. I had my photo shoot after a total of 6 months of being with RNT, where my abs, upper body front & back were very well-defined. The shoot was a surreal experience, thinking about how far I had come. At one point both my wife and I became quite overwhelmed, as to how being with RNT has worked out so well with us! We continue to be with RNT after 9 months, as we find their in-depth guidance and accountability so invaluable.

Taking everything into account, the macro planning, workout planning, their very helpful and supportive Facebook group for members, the regular podcasts with different subjects, and so much more, I truly feel that it’s been one of the best decisions that we have made, and the cost is peanuts (or should that be peanut butter???) compared to what you gain in return!

We have learnt a lot about ourselves, and each other, throughout the process, for which we are so grateful. We learnt that we could ‘dig deep’ within our minds, as well as our bodies, to achieve our goals. We learnt that, as a newly married couple, how much more support there was from each other in being able to achieve these goals.

We have been fortunate to have superb guidance from the RNT team, and the rest of the RNT community.

We really cannot thank RNT enough for the amazing results they have helped us to achieve!

Well done RNT for what you have created and, so far, achieved. You deserve to go from strength-to-strength (pun intended :)).

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