Soya Mince And Vegetables

Soya Mince And Vegetables

A healthy and satisfying soya mince with vegetables dish that's perfect for a nutritious weeknight dinner.

Feb 8th, 2019

1 Mins


    This is a vegan recipe submitted by RNT Family member Bhavini Patel.
    Name of dish: Soya mince and vegetables
    Type of meal: Lunch
    Dietary info: Vegan
    Time to prepare: 10 min
    Time to cook: 15 min
    Serves: 1
    Total Calories: 330
    Protein in g: 29.5
    Carbs in g: 50.9
    Fats in g: 0.9
    150g Sweet potato
    150g Brocolli
    150g Soya mince (soaked weight)
    Seasoning as required
    Ingredients for soya mince (adjust depending on taste buds)
    300g Dry soya mince
    1tsp curry powder
    1tsp turmeric
    1tsp chilli powder
    2tbsp soy sauce
    1. Make soya mince first and weigh out the amount you need
    2. Pour boiling water into a pan with dry soya mince (enough to cover plus 5mm more).
    3. Add in the turmeric, curry powder and chilli powder plus soy sauce in and mix it all up
    4. Cover and leave to soak for 20 minutes.
    5. Once done, drain off excess water and then use batches of 150g for meals.
    6. With sweet potato and brocolli, cut up and microwave until soft, then roast for 10 minutes to remove excess water (makes them sweeter!)
    7. Mix all together and season as per taste

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