Successful Entrepreneur Sam Patel, Built His Dream Physique And Transformed His Life And Relationships

One day when looking through the Men’s Health website, Sam saw the picture of an RNTer who was completely ripped! Seeing the physique that was built by a fellow Indian took him completely by surprise.

“I never thought anyone could become so ripped, especially someone from the same ethnic background as myself.”

After reading the article in 2020, Sam wanted to try the programme and see if he could achieve similar results. However, he wasn’t sure if had the space in his daily schedule to head to the gym, fit in steps and meal prep for the week!

“I checked out the RNT website and read many case studies but I wasn’t quite sure how I’d get my steps and exercise done, especially with a young family.”

But Sam was hooked on the transformation stories. He kept abreast of all the latest transformations and read many more case studies. Reading about how other men and women achieved such incredible results despite leading hectic and busy lives gave him the confidence to put aside his reservations. He finally decided to sign up to the programme.

“The trigger moment for me was when I realised that I was trying all different types of diets and going to the gym and not getting anywhere. I wanted to feel more confident, I had built a successful business but now I wanted to prioritise my health.”

Demystifying Training And Nutrition

Going to the gym alone was a huge accomplishment for Sam.

“I have always felt so self conscious and awkward working out next to men who were ripped and buff. I figured that to get over my feeling of self consciousness I needed to take massive action.”

Sam realised that if he wanted to overcome his fears of working out at the gym he needed guidance and advice from the experts.

“Before RNT, I did not know how to plan my training: I didn’t know which weight to pick or what exercises to choose.”

With all the conflicting information available on the internet, Sam was wondering if he needed to change his program each week to make progress.

Figuring out the nitty gritties of nutrition was a daunting task as well.

“I didn’t know what food to eat or how much food to eat. I didn’t understand the benefits of carbs, I didn’t know how much protein to eat or the importance of healthy fats!”

The education he received through the RNT curriculum was a real game changer. He not only learned what to do, but he also understood why he had to do them.

Getting Into The Groove

Sam was expecting training and exercise to be really difficult during the first months of the RNT programme.

But was pleasantly surprised to learn that the workouts were not bad at all, in fact he enjoyed it!

The initial struggle was in planning the meals and meal prepping for the week ahead.

“I was struggling to do the food prep. I found it making meals for the whole week really overwhelming. But once I got my head around that, it was awesome!

By week four I was a pro at meal preps and didn’t find it as stressful.

After those first few weeks, once I put it all together, I started to see results which motivated me to push harder and harder.”

Building Confidence And Strength

Through his RNT journey, Sam has built a really impressive physique. By creating his 3Ss (structure, strategy and system), Sam finally achieved the muscle definition he initially thought was impossible for someone like him.

The confidence boost he gained from achieving this optimum level of fitness has been a major turning point both in his personal and professional life.

“For me, it’s about my confidence levels going up in all areas of my life. From a professional stand-point I am so much more at ease while interacting with people.

With RNT, I have cultivated so many good habits that have become non-negotiable.

I am able to focus on my own personal growth which has positively impacted my relationships. Our family dynamic has changed too, my relationship with my wife has deepened, we have deeper conversations and we spend the best time together.

My relationship with friends and colleagues has also changed. I don’t get sucked into all the negative energy and instead I’m able to deflect it so it’s not affecting me mentally and physically.”

Sam’s lost a total of 11kgsand the confidence and strength he has unlocked through this weight loss has enabled him to tap into his full potential. We can’t wait to see how his journey will continue in the following months!

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