Successful Restaurateur Sophie, Dropped 15+ Kilos To Feel, Look & Perform At Her Best At 50 Years Young!

When Sophie signed up to RNT in 2020 she was knocking on the door of her 50th year. As she neared this major milestone in her life, she wanted to put into place a game plan to improve her health and well-being.

She wanted to make a lasting change in her way of life and was eager to build a sustainable lifestyle solution so she could look, feel and perform at her best.

Although she was strong and exercised regularly she wasn’t happy with the way she looked and felt. She was trying so hard to make better choices but she just wasn’t seeing any results.

Sophie runs a restaurant in Kenya, which means she is constantly around temptation. After a long work day our ability to rise above our cravings wanes, making it that much harder to stay away from that extra glass of wine. She recognised this and knew she needed to create a solid structure, strategy and system that would be the blueprint she needed to live a healthy and active life.

Sophie was also concerned that it would be harder for her to keep off the weight after menopause. She knew that following a run-of-the-mill, short-term diet plan was not going to help her achieve her goals. What she really needed was to understand nutrition so she could make better food choices and lead a wholesome and balanced life.

“I am a conservationist by education and a restaurateur by trade, but really, I am a Jack-of-all-trades.

RNT has been an incredible transformation - both physical and mental. I was heading towards 50, and although I have always worked out and eaten “normally”, weight loss just did not seem to happen. I did not want to go into menopause with this additional weight.

When I saw the amazing change in one of the regulars at my restaurant I was curious and asked her what had brought about her change and she told me about RNT. I was inspired to join the programme as it clearly was effective.

Working with RNT has been life-altering: I have changed how I eat, drink, think and work; my energy levels are high, and my routines fit into a very busy life schedule.

Working with the coaches during the early phases of the programme made me accountable to myself.

I know that the transformation I have undergone is for life!

RNT has taught me a wholly sustainable lifestyle, and I am now gearing up for part two.

I am living the life I envisioned at 50+, healthier, energetic and motivated.”

Through her RNT journey Sophie dropped from 75kgs to 58kgs and has successfully created the lifestyle solution she wanted to build.

She holds true to the 3Ss (structure, strategy and system) that were crystalised over her RNT journey which means she continues to maintain her body weight.

Her goal is to to build more muscle and improve her strength gains as she walks into her 50s feeling fit and fabulous!

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