The Fourth Year In Business

May 24th, 2021


The Fourth Year In Business

Well, well, well, here we are again. Happy Birthday, RNT! You’re four years young today, and you’re not just surviving anymore, you’re thriving!

I’ll say it for the hundredth time, what a journey, what a rollercoaster, and what an incredible experience it’s been, and continues to be.

A year ago, when celebrating RNT’s third birthday, I was journaling about what gets me out of bed in the morning. Just in case anything had changed, or rather, if I could dig any deeper.

Here’s what I wrote last year here:

“RNT has the power to facilitate an amazing change in people, so why not figure out: how can we best deliver this change with the right people, the right system and right strategy? I’ve come to learn this is all a game. As we go into year 4, I want us to win this game and find out the best way to do so. What we do right now works incredibly, but is it the best it could be? How can I be a better writer, coach, leader, speaker, creator? Chasing perfection is a futile task, but the strive for excellence is always possible. With that comes something great. Maybe in all of this, that’s as simple as what it’s all for now. Create a remarkable platform that allows people to make a positive change. The question I’ll continue to wake up at 5am for, is how do I facilitate this in the best possible way?”

So has anything changed as of today, a year later?

Perhaps for the first time, no. It’s still the same pursuit, and if anything – writing the above out last year helped plant the seeds for what’s evolved in the past year.

The power of our work is life-changing, but I’ve found some wobbly pieces that need tinkering to deliver it in a more profound, powerful and sustainable way for everyone involved.

Most importantly that is, for the people we work with.

It’s still amazing every time I hear our members transforming themselves to feel physically, mentally and emotionally at their best. And how they’re more confident, focused and in control of their lives. And how they are making bold, life-changing decisions, developing better relationships with their loved ones, and taking their careers and businesses to new heights.

This Is All Great, But I Want More For Our Members. I Want To Make Even Bigger Impacts In Their Worlds.

Over the past year, I’ve honed in on one area that’s been desperately missing: proactive education.

Some people pick it up instinctively along the way, but too many (and this is an industry-wide phenomenon) still don’t have the tools to make changes, improve, and sustainably build a lifestyle solution 1, 3, 5 or 10 years later.

Since 2010, when I started in this field, it’s been a recurring theme.

A lack of understanding of the core principles of training, nutrition and mindset. And a lack of empowerment for people to truly grasp these principles for life.

Now, this is a complex problem that brings with it a positive societal impact if we can crack it. Because if there was more and better education on health and fitness, right from a young age, all the way through adulthood, I suspect our obesity crisis would tell a different story.

Education, in this aspect, is not just about what you eat and how you move, but combining it with how to get to grips with your mindset, which for most, is a real tricky trifecta to bring together.

I Often Reference The Body Being A Representation Of The Mind. That’s Because What Goes On In Our Mind Is Ultimately What We Manifest Physically.

I’ve spoken about my skin problems and infections as a result of improper stress management. The best (and only) cure for me has been to gain peace from my mind in that moment or period of time, and learn how to integrate the feeling with everything else. This is one of our biggest modern problems, and is why we have a continuously growing health crisis.

It’s not that we don’t know what good food is, or that we don’t know that we should be more active. It’s that we don’t know how to cope, deal with, or navigate the mind and life to avoid destroying and damaging our bodies with poor lifestyle choices.

The source of all of this is the Muck we carry, yet leave unresolved, ignored, suppressed or unable to accept. Yet, it’s the Muck here that is what’s limiting so much of our potential to empower ourselves to lead healthier lives.

Working through this isn’t an easy task, and it’s one only we can do as individuals. The right education, environment and community helps, as does the one anchor that brings me back to why RNT has an important part to play in this: physical health.

Physical health allows us one thing we often struggle with: bringing back time for ourselves. You can’t cheat physical health. You have to spend time in your day, on yourself, and with that, comes a tangible sense of self-care and self-love.

Your physical health, approached holistically and in balance, can be considered your scoreboard. You can talk to a therapist all day long about your problems, which of course, may help. But what physical health will bring is evidence of implementation. It’s evidence that you do care, and that you are working on your deeper self, because you are giving it the time, effort and nourishment it deserves.

If you tie the two together, so communication, expression and talking (which by the way, can be to anyone), with a rigorous physical practice, you start to process a lot of the Muck.

In fact, the biggest benefit from talking is to get it out there in the open. A more powerful way to accomplish this actually is to spend more time alone, in self-observation. Meditation and unplugged walking can be two of the best ways to do so. Because when you take away the noise, you finally let the Muck bubble to the surface, and give yourself the opportunity to befriend it, as opposed to suppressing it in the busyness of our lives.

This is what ultimately allows you to get into physical AND mental shape. Through this approach, which can be scary at times, you prevent the feeling of reaching a physical goal and still feeling unhappy. Getting in shape will not fix your mind if you don’t couple the work together. You need both internal and external work, over a long enough period of time, to prevent being left with a “void” at the end.

Our bodies are representations of our mind. Our bodies are our only vehicles to carry life forward. The Bhagavad Gita, a scripture I first read in August 2020, refers to the body as an “instrument of service”.

I thought this was a fascinating parallel to our mantra: the physical is the vehicle.

We have one body here, and it’s time for us to marry all the five pillars of health: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual together, in order to propel our society forward.

This deeper exploration of our mission and essence of what RNT is, has been the defining point in year four, because it’s allowed us to dig even deeper into our members, our team and our methodology.

It becomes a lot harder than just “dropping body fat” and “building muscle”, or “diet plans” and “training protocols”. It goes into the root of what we need to work on, change and improve if we really want to see a healthier and fitter world.

It Turns Body Transformation Into Total Transformation.

It’s a holistic approach that’s difficult to execute, and one that can only be done by those who live and breathe this mission, and the path to self-mastery. It’s not easy, and is a selfless, and often thankless pursuit of wanting to impact in a way that goes far beyond the norm.

For that, I want to thank my incredible team around me involved in this mission, and taking it further.

The values we all live by: impact, service, self-mastery, community and lifestyle, integrate totally and wholly in the way forward we are campaigning for.

Our focus on building the ultimate platform to transform, has led to serious investment into custom-built technology to help scale our efforts, so we can impact more, serve better, create more room for self-mastery, build better community relationships and promote the lifestyle we believe in.

This quest we’re on is a journey with no destination. It’s an infinite purpose to see a better world.

We’re only at the start. If the first three years in business taught me to ride the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, year four taught me the need to see the bigger picture.

It’s so easy to get caught in the messiness of business, when we realise how irrelevant and time-wasting most of the messy stuff is. It can consume a lot of thought, bandwidth and emotional energy.

But I’ve realised, as I described in The Renewal recently, that there’s no time for it. It’s why I started this by saying that it’s no longer about surviving.

It’s about striving towards something bigger.

This year, I didn’t put together a “transformation of the year” award, because it’s been one where we’ve celebrated not only 100s of incredible physical changes, but countless stories of emotional and mental breakthroughs.

I want to celebrate everyone who:
  • has let go of the muck that’s been holding them back for decades
  • is doing things they never thought was possible
  • has unlocked a new level of physical, mental and emotional strength
  • has had a conversation that has changed the trajectory of their life
  • is in control of their body, mind and emotions
  • has empowered themselves to learn how to stay in shape for life
  • has broken alcohol and drug addictions
  • has found love and care for themselves again
  • has finally found a solution to never need to diet again
  • has resisted destructive lifestyle choices amidst stressful situations
  • is pairing up introspection with genuine action
  • is lifting weight they never thought was possible
  • has decided to never be a victim again
  • is using their newfound confidence to believe in the remarkable
  • is using the physical as the vehicle for the greater good
  • is a better person than they were a year ago
The list goes on.

Our Goal Is Now Simple: To Put A Rocket Under The Impact Of This Mission And Spread It To The People Who Need It Most.

When I first started RNT, I thought we were in the online personal training business. Four years later, it’s crazy to see just how much we’ve evolved.

We started with a promise to get physical results fast. It then evolved into being a body transformation company.

Now, the body transformation and improved physical health is a given. Where the real work and impact lies is in our ability to facilitate meaningful, long-lasting change.

Where we are now, heading into year five, is a company that is entirely focused on total transformation. A company with a bold mission and vision to see a world where everyone experiences the power of the physical as the vehicle. A company that believes that this is the answer to a healthier, fitter and better world. A company that won’t stop until it achieves it.

This all begins with transforming one person at a time. It starts with living the lifestyle ourselves, learning more and more about the process, and relaying the best practices and methodologies for our people, so they can achieve the remarkable in their lives.

And with that, here’s to year five!

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