Mum Of Two Cyleena Loses 10kg and Takes Back Control

Cyleena Nieto, a busy mum of two young children, works long hours trying to balance many hats to make ends meet.

As is often the case with mothers, they put themselves last on their priority list. With her never-ending list of responsibilities, she felt she didn’t have the time or the energy to take care of herself. At least that was the case before she joined RNT.

Putting Yourself First

“I live in the Philippines so life is tough. Health and self-care were the last of my priorities as I would always put my family and work first. However, I suffered from back pain and fatigue all the time. In the last quarter of 2019, I had a health scare. For weeks I felt chest tightness and shortness of breath like I was going to have a heart attack at any time. I then realised that if I continued this lifestyle, all my hard work would go to waste and no one would care and provide for my children if I am not around. So I developed a new goal - to become a healthier version of myself for my family, but I didn’t know where and how to start.”

Almost by a stroke of luck, RNT Fitness came into her life, the amazing transformation journeys inspired her to make important changes and improve her health and fitness.

RNT’s modus operandi is based on finding a solution that works for each individual’s unique needs. The fact that they could create a schedule that she could fit around her demanding life made it the perfect choice.

She knew that with the support RNT provided she could create space in her day to exercise and make better choices.

Easing the Struggle

Cyleena started with RNT when the pandemic started (March 2020), with zero knowledge about fitness and zero experience at the gym.

“I thought it was going to be a challenge due to the pandemic, my location, and experience, but everything went on so smoothly because I had the support of the entire RNT community and the expert guidance of the coaches really helped a beginner like me make amazing progress. RNT was able to help me create a home workout plan with no equipment. I learned how to manage my nutrition based on the food available here in the Philippines during the lockdown (grocery stores were always out of stock), whilst knowing that I was also breastfeeding my youngest child.”

Reaping the Benefits

Through her journey, Cyleena lost 10 kilos and shed her old identity. No more did she measure her days by its ‘busy-ness’. She learnt to create structure and reevaluate her priorities. By prioritising herself she became less ‘busy’ and more ‘effective’. The winning formula which allows you to find the time for everything that is important.

“I love RNT’s methodology and the 3Ss taught me how to make small changes in my habits. By remaining consistent and responsible for my journey I made great progress! My priority now is myself because I know that if I put self-care first, I become the best version of myself physically and mentally. I have never been this calm and relaxed in my life.”

Cyleena is the perfect example of someone who chose to make a change and followed through. With her growth mindset she took ownership of her journey and implemented the changes, this way she also set a good example to her children, who will see the importance of self care and how it is the basis for a life-time of health and well-being.

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