This RNTer Dropped 20kgs To Look, Feel And Perform His Best After Years Of Feeling Out Of Shape

When this RNTer decided to sign up, he had a lot going on in his life. He had recently got engaged, his sister was soon to be married and he was very busy at work.

With so much on his plate already, he didn’t think it was the right time to sign up to a fitness programme!

That’s when the penny dropped and he realised that life would always get in the way, there was never going to be a perfect time.

He made up his mind to make time in his hectic schedule and prioritise his health and fitness.

Now, 20kgs lighter and feeling the best he has ever felt, he is so glad he decided to sign up.

1. What were the series of moments that led to your “trigger” moment to begin your journey with RNT?

My sister’s wedding was coming up soon and I really wanted to fit into my favourite suit that was now way too tight for me.

Around the same time, a friend of mine recommended looking into RNT so I made the call to find out more.

I deliberated for a few days then took the leap of faith to commit.

That was when I realised that I couldn’t turn back, I had to stay the course if I wanted real results.

2. What were your biggest problems before starting RNT?

No regular exercise or daily routine. I didn’t pay much attention to what I was putting into my body. I wasn’t educated in making the right choices to get me to where I wanted to be.

3. What has the process been like, and the biggest challenges and obstacles?

I’ve learnt so much! Going through the programme has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. It seemed so daunting from the outside looking in before I started.

Sometimes the biggest obstacles can be the people around you, pressuring you into eating and drinking as everyone else is. I learnt to overcome this with being prepared before social events and tuning out unhelpful comments.

After seeing my weight drop each week and feeling great, sticking to my plan really wasn’t that difficult.

4. How has the physical been the vehicle?

The positive changes in my life since joining RNT are all down to improving my physical health and nutrition. My mind is clearer, I’m getting more work done in the day than ever before and all on less sleep too. Focusing on the physical first has enabled me to see these changes.

5. What almost kept you from joining?

I knew this was going to be a drastic change to my lifestyle. I had recently got engaged and had a busy 12-18 months ahead. With everything going on. it didn’t seem like the right time to start, but then there never is a right time! I knew I had to do this if I wanted to achieve my goals.

Fortunately, I had all the support I needed from my fiancée. Plus, I made sure everyone close to me knew about my goals and they were really supportive throughout the journey.

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