Tired of spinning his wheels, Jay, found a fitness solution that changed his life.

I have been training solidly for 6 years and managed to go from a fairly skinny guy to put on some decent muscle. After that “honeymoon” phase for the first year or two, it felt more like going through the motions, making good progress for small bursts before going back into months of training for the sake of it. Did the usual perma bulk, which meant the tee-shirt build was ok, but underneath that beach physique needed work!

After being taught that we needed to strip down before we could build again, we put the plan into action and got going. Focus levels were high because it was a fairly new structure, only 4 days training on upper / lower split as opposed to the 5 day single muscle splits that dominated the routine before. Also added in some cardio and steps which were fairly new to me, never thought I’d enjoy getting on the treadmill! The big difference for me was thinking about calories on a weekly level. We had to use the buffer method a few times when needed but generally understanding that weekly targets mean more than daily ones was something which changed my mind set for food. It meant I could lose weight and have the occasional evening out, knowing if I didn’t binge and then fasted the next morning everything was still on track for the deficit. The structure feels like it’s become more of a lifestyle change now as opposed to a Monday to Friday plan.

I would definitely recommend RNT! The accountability of it made it real, I didn’t really want to eat out 3 times on a Sunday, smash 3 pints and then get to work on Monday and have to repot to the RNT team that I had messed up. It was also good to hear advice on form after sending videos across and being told it’s time to push on, as opposed to thinking let me get comfortable with this weight for a while which would usually happen.

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