Tofu Pav Bhaji

Tofu Pav Bhaji

11 Jul 2018

1 Mins


This is a vegetarian recipe submitted by RNT Family member Nipa Patel.
Name of dish: Tofu Pav Bhaji
Type of meal: Dinner
Dietary info: Vegetarian
Time to prepare: 10-15 Mins
Time to cook: 15-20 Mins
Serves: 1
Total Calories: 254
Protein in g: 17.2g
Carbs in g: 37g
Fats in g: 5g
1 Cal spray
1 teaspoon cumin, 2 cloves, 2 garlic
1 large chilli
Half red onion
1/2 red capsicum pepper
1/4 courgette
1 tomato pureed
2 tablespoon passata
2 teaspoons chopped coriander
Pinch of Turmeric
Pav bhaji masala
Garam masala
Red chilli powder
Squeeze of lemon as per taste
100g tofu crumbled
(50g broccoli, 20g sweet potato, 1 small carrot , 15g peas, 50g spinach – pressure cooked and mashed NB quantities according to my macros )

Are there any general substitutions that can be made? (vegetarian or meat options, depending):
Could use meat

Any additional notes you’d like to share on when it’s good in the context of the journey, and who it may be best for:
Can be used in the Process Phase onwards

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