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Personal Trainers Lee & Tom Take It To The Next Level

Let’s face it, in almost every field there is someone who has invested their time, energy and passion in acquiring a tonne of knowledge. This knowledge is available for us to tap into, if only we asked.

This is no different for Personal Trainers: a good trainer, who can completely sympathise with the people they train, needs to be trained too! To understand the struggle, they needed to have lived the struggle. Only then can they respond and be respectful of the journey.

Striving for Excellence

Lee Bearley, a personal trainer himself, reached out to RNT for this exact same reason. He wanted to know what it felt like to be trained: not only would this help him learn new methods of training, it would accelerate his learning and he would learn first-hand what works and what doesn’t work. You can read more about why trainers will benefit from being trained in this article here.

“I’ve been working with RNT for 3 years. During that time not only has my physique improved significantly. But as a trainer myself, I’ve gained some extremely valuable knowledge. Knowledge I wouldn’t get anywhere else. RNT believes that trainers should get extremely lean at least once, to truly understand the journey. And for the experience, that’s exactly what I did. I decided it was time to take it to the next level and commit to a photoshoot. I have always had complete faith in RNT to lead me to the condition I needed. They created my training and nutrition based on my preference, lifestyle, and their own successful experiences, and the results were amazing! The accountability set by the coaches and the RNT team till the very last day, made all the difference.”

The Growth Mindset

Lee isn’t the only RNT member straddling both sides of the fence. Tom Currell is a strongman with years of experience in competitive powerlifting. He knew that even trainers need to be accountable to someone so they could fully grow. This is the epitome of having a growth mindset - knowing that there is no end to learning.

Tom was at a low point in his career, he felt disillusioned by the fitness industry and had lost all his motivation. When he came across RNT and learned about the RNT methodology on training and nutrition their passion and conviction gave him a boost, he remembered why he loved training and the fitness industry and to put it in RNT speak, he decided to let go of ‘the muck’ by joining as a member and committing to a photoshoot.

“RNT set my standards higher and pushed me further than I thought possible. I achieved a photoshoot condition with support, honesty, and passion through the whole process. The RNT Fitness team set the standard for the industry. Even after the transformation I have a renewed sense of passion for my training and how I now train my clients.”

A lot of people fear that they may come across as being weak by seeking help. When in fact, it is the exact opposite: identifying the gaps in their learning and asking for experts to help them bridge those gaps defines true strength. It is this drive that makes a good trainer exceptional; a trainer who is invested in the process both for themselves as well as for those they train.

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