Transformation Thursday: How 49yo Rita got into the best shape of her life

Transformation Thursday: How 49yo Rita got into the best shape of her life

From self-doubt to self-assurance, how supermum Rita took on challenges, embraced fitness and discovered confidence with RNT Fitness.

Akash Vaghela Akash Vaghela · Apr 11th, 2024

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    As a new mum at age 49, Rita's days were a dizzying mix of happiness, exhaustion, fun and stress. 

    She had a lot on her plate that took up all of her time and energy. 

    Managing a tough job with difficult bosses left her feeling drained 

    Caring for her adult brother-in-law with learning difficulties was a daily challenge.

    On top of that, she was going through menopause. 

    Trying to stay afloat, Rita turned to the only thing she could think of to cope: comfort food.

    Emotional eating became her refuge. 

    Caught up in this downward spiral, Rita started to hate what she saw in the mirror. 

    She wanted to feel confident again but didn’t know where to start. 

    Seeing her husband transform his health with RNT inspired her to take action. 

    She signed up and got exactly what she needed… the guidance and structure to improve her health.
    “RNT makes you reassess your lifestyle. The coaching helped me switch from a negative to a positive mindset. I learned better ways to cope with stress and finally broke the habits that weren’t serving me. Seeing results soon after implementing these changes gave me the motivation to give it my all.” Rita

    If you're a new mum juggling multiple roles and struggling to find time for yourself, know you're not alone.

    With the right guidance, you can transform like Rita. 

    To read more about her journey, check out her case study:

    Turning Self-Doubt into Strength: Supermum Rita's Journey to Confidence
    Our next cohort is starting in May (the date is still to be confirmed).

    We are only ever able to take on a limited number of new members in each cohort, so if you’d like to apply for a position, book in a call here:

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