Transformation Thursday: How Neel MELTED 25kg off at 4-0

Transformation Thursday: How Neel MELTED 25kg off at 4-0

Discover how Neel melted 25kg off at 40.

Akash Vaghela Akash Vaghela · May 23rd, 2024

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    And now… 

    Let’s dive into this week’s Transformation Thursday
    Neel was on the cusp of turning 40 when he realised he needed to change. 

    With a 3rd child on the way, he felt a growing urgency to enter this new decade on solid ground. 

    Despite regular visits to the gym, Neel struggled with his physique and energy levels. 

    He knew his diet was inadequate and he often felt drained of energy. 

    Mornings were particularly challenging; he used to drag himself out of bed, always feeling like he was lagging behind. 

    RNT changed all that.
    Now, the lethargy is gone, he feels sharp and he’s at his best all day. 

    What changed?

    Neel learnt how to structure his days to prioritise his health. 

    Time-strapped with a hectic schedule, he craved efficiency.

    With RNT, he learnt how to exercise effectively without spending hours in the gym. 

    He automated his nutrition.

    And he cracked the code to fuelling his body even when travelling and socialising.

    Through his RNT journey, Neel has uncovered a newfound vitality that has transformed his day-to-day efficiency.

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    Injuries can be a big setback for those of us who love fitness, but they don't have to stop our progress completely. 

    That’s why I thought to share the article "How to Train When You Are Injured" which offers useful tips on how to keep working out even when we're hurt. 

    It explains how to change up exercises when injured and how to avoid making things worse:

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    After a brief hiatus from recording podcasts, we are back with a bang. 

    This next series “Fat Loss For The Final Time” focuses on what it takes to stop the dreaded rebound. 

    We know that there is nothing worse than losing 10 kgs only to put it all back on again in 6 to 8 months. 

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