Transformation Thursday: Nisha’s Journey From Stage 4 Cancer To Photoshoot 🙏🏼

Transformation Thursday: Nisha’s Journey From Stage 4 Cancer To Photoshoot 🙏🏼

Nisha's incredible journey from battling stage 4 cancer to achieving a photoshoot-ready physique is nothing short of inspirational

Akash Vaghela Akash Vaghela · Oct 26th, 2023

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    Yesterday I was recording a podcast with a long-term RNTer, Meera.

    She was telling me how for ages, she prolonged starting her journey because of one thing:


    She thought she was happy with where she was at. But she had no idea what good was.

    I probed deeper and she gave me an awesome analogy from her dad (which I’m going to butcher).

    For years she was happy eating Hovis white bread from the local supermarket.

    It tasted nice and did the job.

    But then she discovered artisan baked sourdough at RNT and realise this is what life is all about.

    The lesson?

    You never really know what “good” feels like until you’re shown a better way!

    Now, we are fully booked until 2024, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start having a conversation with us about your journey:

    And now, let’s dive into this week’s Transformation Thursday… (I have an incredible transformation to share with you!)


    3 Ways To Feel, Look & Perform Better

    1. You always have 100% control over what you put in your mouth.

    You’ll hear me say this over and again in this newsletter, and on socials, because it’s something - especially with the festive season, that can’t be reiterated enough!

    2. You can always control how much to eat.

    Even if the food choices are terrible and poor quality (whether at an airport or your mother-in-law’s)...

    You can always control how much to eat. Knowing this can be the difference between waiting for the perfect time (and going nowhere), or making imperfect progress.

    3. If you’re struggling to control how much, ask yourself is it because:

    - You have no structured plan / direction / accountability 

    - You don’t have the right knowledge

    - You are scared of what others think 

    - You’re using food as a crutch (to help with stress / emotions / feelings / boredom / confidence)


    RNT Member Spotlight - Nisha Vivek🏆

    Nisha was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer at 36 years young.

    As a mother of two young children, her family's entire world was shaken to its core.

    Nisha had been struggling for two years before getting diagnosed.

    Crushing fatigue, debilitating fevers and a constant lower back ache had held her in a vice-like grip.

    She went from one doctor to the next looking for answers but no one could figure out what was wrong!

    Until a biopsy from a lump in her throat confirmed her worst fears: stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

    But age was on her side and the Oncologists had faith that she could recover. 

    After 12 treatments of chemotherapy, her body fought off the cancer. 

    And finally, at the end of 2022, the doctors proclaimed Nisha cancer-free!

    In the wake of this miraculous recovery, Nisha decided to join RNT.

    “To me, joining RNT was a gift to myself. I wanted to treat my body like a temple. It's so magnificent what our bodies are capable of.”
    Powered by determination and supported by RNT, Nisha feels rejuvenated. 

    🌟She has a new zest for life - making the most of every moment

    🌟Her confidence levels have skyrocketed

    🌟She is full of energy 

    And best of all… 

    🌟She has inspired generational health across all ages

    What a transformation! 


    RNT Insider Wins 🔥

    In our Team Slack, we have a channel called #wins - always buzzing with RNTers who are crushing their goals on the programme!

    Here’s a few from this week:

    1. More trousers falling off this autumn…
    2. Another RNTer getting shoot ready…
    3. Kishan looking incredible on photoshoot day! New transformation story incoming!
    If you’re a high performer who wants to look, feel and perform at your best in 2024, apply now for our next cohort here.


    For Your Walks…

    This week I’m joined by fellow RNTer Nisha Vivek to discuss her journey in more depth - one of the most powerful episodes I’ve ever recorded:


    Thanks for reading.


    BONUS for whenever you’re ready, here’s how my team and I can help you:

    If you’re a high performer who wants to lose weight, get healthy and feel at your best, apply to join the RNT intake here. 

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