With Wedding Bells Ringing, Anika Got Into The Shape Of Her Life, For Life

When I first reached out to Akash, it was purely for aesthetic reasons and to lose a bit of weight in time for my wedding. Little did I know this process was going to change my life. Whilst this has given me aesthetic results beyond what I thought was ever imaginable, it has taught me so much.

As we all know, life happens, and it did, throughout the process. I could make all the excuses in the world for not having ticked all the boxes. At the end of the day, it’s only down to me and something that is absolutely in my control. With the patience and guidance of the RNT team, I managed to gain structure and discipline and not just training and nutrition, but in all areas of my life. Previously I had scored 19 out of 21 on the anxiety test with the GP.

Training is something that I will never give up. No matter what is going on. It never fails to make me feel incredible and has helped alleviate negative feelings and emotions. I have learned what’s important in life. And now I know how and who to prioritize, I have ended up cutting fat out of my life as well as from my body. One of the most important things I have learned is that consistency is absolutely key. There were weeks when the scales didn’t move or go in the direction I would have liked. But keeping at it, listening to the advice from RNT and ensuring all the boxes are ticked meant that I got there in the end.

I finally feel like me, happy in myself, not just in what I see in the mirror, but also know that I’m living life in the best way possible. It has absolutely become a way of life and I cannot imagine for a second going back to the way I was living before. The habits learned through this process have been key throughout and it’s something that will stay with me.

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