With Wedding Bells Ringing Karisha Lost 30kgs Now In The Shape Of Her Life, For Life.

I signed up to RNT for 6 months at the end of February 2019 to drop some weight for my wedding which was coming up in January 2020, I never really had a target when I started as I knew I had a long way to go, but it was all about just dropping as much as I could the first few months. The first 3-4 months flew by and the weight fell off pretty quickly, it was an easy routine to follow and never really felt like a diet.

I then hit the 5-6 months stage where the weight loss became noticeable to everyone around me and all the compliments were coming in and I started feeling comfortable with how I looked but I knew I still wanted to drop some more weight. This is where RNT really came into play for me as I hit a major wall and really struggled to get past it; they pretty much dealt with a lot of moaning and excuses for a month (still do), but never did I feel defeated and they always knew what to say. They managed to get me out of the slump I was in and motivated me to get back on track and not let one bad week turn into more.

We set a deadline for when to end fat loss, which helped and it gave me something to work towards as my motivation was quite low. This also meant I had enough time to consolidate and maintain before the wedding. This is when I changed the way I thought about the whole process and it stopped becoming about dropping weight for the wedding or how I looked and just doing it for myself. The last two months of the fat loss phase were by far the hardest months ever but the most valuable for me, I learnt the most about myself and the whole process and would definitely not have been able to do it without RNT. The tunnel vision came in and I went from not ever being a morning person to waking up at 5am just to get my training done, sometimes even twice a day.

I have come out of this process surprising myself as to how much willpower and discipline I have gained and how much my body can actually do when it has had no energy to walk or even get out of bed, it’s also made me realise that all these years I have put my weight fluctuation down to genetics and having a rubbish metabolism when really it was all laziness and me making excuses about not having enough time. I wish I had done it earlier but you never really realise how you look until you sign up and take those first pictures of yourself and even then I was too embarrassed to send mine. However if I hadn’t started now I wouldn’t be entering my 30s next month 30kg down and in the best shape of my life also wearing a size I last wore god knows when. I may not have abs now but that was never the goal at the time, it was all about learning to have a better lifestyle and nutrition which RNT has helped me achieve and more.

RNT has fully converted me to the online training world, without them I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the results I have done in the 8 months on my own and would have given up months ago. The accountability and the support I got from the team every step of the way telling you what you are doing or going through is normal makes a massive difference because you know they are speaking from experience. They always reassured me and got me through those weeks which I really struggled and now having them through The Consolidation Phase has really helped me not go crazy and undo all my handwork.

For anyone signing up, go in with an open mind and fully trust the process, RNT takes all the thinking out for you all you have to do is tick the boxes each week and put in that work. The deeper you go into fat loss and the harder it gets is when you really start embracing the changes you are making and what feels like is taking forever will end up flying by. Just make the journey all about you and block out all the noise around. Some days and weeks will be bad but this is where the support from RNT really helps and gives you great advice to navigate through it all.

To all of you telling people who are in this process to stop because they are too skinny (this was once me) pipe down because they already know this and your opinions do not matter; they have great trainers helping them achieve their goal and are pushing themselves to limits you have no idea about!

A massive thank you to the RNT team and family for the endless amounts of advice and information you give to help make this journey a whole lot easier.

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