Ivan Gavranic

Ivan Gavranic is a personal trainer based in Australia specialising in body transformation, injury management and gymnastic/ calisthenic based programming. Ivan’s relentless passion and drive for constant improvement and learning has had him work and consult with some of the best coaches in the world, and truly understand what it takes to achieve an incredible physique. He’s also been a ‘trainer of the trainers’ for many years, having developed and educated a number of different teams of personal trainers within previous companies he’s worked in. Arguably his best skill is to communicate seemingly complex topics into simple, relevant and practical terms – a true sign of a coach who knows his stuff! 


I have always been involved in some sort of physical activity from as early as 5 years old where I played football all the way up into my early 20’s. During this period, it was the first time where I was exposed to the benefits of how continued practice and passion can truly benefit not only your craft, but also your life. I was never blessed with blistering pace or athleticism so I had to work extra hard on developing my ball skills where I would train for hours each and every single day outside of school, trying to perfect my touch, dribbling and agility. I never made it as a professional footballer (obviously!) but the lessons the entire process taught me were invaluable.


Fast forward to after high school; what started as a vain pursuit to add muscle to make myself more attractive turned into a fascinating obsession with the human body and how to transform it for the better. This lead me to studying exercise and sports science for the next three years which I didn’t need to obtain to qualify as a personal trainer in Australia but I wanted to take the longer road because even back then, I knew that short term sacrifice would lead to long term gain. Even though the degree itself wasn’t as applicable as I thought it would be, university taught me how to learn and critically think which I feel has been worth its weight in debt fees, especially when it comes to the murky world of training and nutrition. I started experimenting with many different approaches to training in the quest for optimising the physique and as of recently, have decided to take a slightly different turn towards gymnastic and calisthenics based training simply to become a beginner again and add more tools to my toolbox.


For the last 10 years of my life, I have immersed myself in this world fully aware that there is nothing else I would rather be doing than helping people achieve the greatest versions of themselves. I pride myself on maintaining an image that I feel gives me immense intrinsic satisfaction every day, and I want to share that exact same feeling with every client I work with as I believe contentment with yourself is the greatest gift anyone can have in this world.


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