Working Mum Shivani, Pushed Past Mental Barriers To Achieve Her Dream Figure In Her 40s

Shivani had always desired to achieve a certain look; to feel confident in her body image. 

After the birth of her daughters, she wanted to get back to her pre-wedding figure. 

She didn’t think she looked her best and she didn’t feel at her best either. 

Turning 40 became a significant moment of realisation for Shivani. 

“I realised that my long desired goal of achieving my dream figure remained unmet several years after becoming a mother!

At first, I thought I was keen to get into shape purely for the sake of vanity. 

But after a lot of introspection, I realised that it was really my long term health that was driving me. Especially since I’ve seen members of my family dealing with many health complications.”

Shivani resolved not to find herself in a similar physical situation in her 50s and beyond. 

While genetics does play a role, she believed that she could take steps to slow down or mitigate these potential health conditions. 

“A big trigger for me was the fact that I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with both my children. I was told by my doctors that if I didn’t take care of my health I would develop diabetes as I grew older. I wanted to do everything in my power to avoid this outcome.”

Her ultimate goal was to achieve physical and mental well-being, enabling her to keep up with her kids and maintain an active lifestyle. Moreover, she aimed to instil the same healthy mentality and culture in her children.


Shivani’s sister is an RNTer and seeing her sister thrive was a big inspiration.

“My sister was so happy in herself, and that inspired me. At first I was so sceptical, how could an online transformation programme work? What if I didn’t like my coach? How could I hope to speak to random strangers in my cohort? 

But as I spoke to my sister, she told me to just put my faith in the process and to take each step as it rolled out. 

Also, RNT was different. All aspects were covered: training, nutrition and mindset. I’ve done little bits here and there but never had a complete package. This was not a one-size-fits-all approach, and that is what I wanted.”

Determination And Perseverance 

Signing up to RNT was Shivani’s call to action, it was time to prioritise herself and take action to achieve her goals. 

In the past, she would start to make changes to her lifestyle. She got the ball rolling only to have a holiday or a social event disrupt her rhythm. This temporary shift would throw her off her regimen taking her straight back to square one. 

But joining RNT was different, this time she knew she had the accountability and structure to persevere. 

As if to test her commitment, Shivani started her journey just before Christmas of 2022. She had to incorporate a new structure through all festivities! 

But Shivani’s baptism by fire paid off. She learnt how to enjoy all the Christmas and New Year celebrations without being food focused. 

“I would eat before going to a party. At the event, I would just have sparkling water or a diet soda and stay clear of the nibbles. 

It felt strange at first: you want to please your hosts by eating the food they have prepared for you. But I soon got used to it and enjoyed catching up with my friends without the need to eat or drink anything.”

Organisation & Planning 

Failing to plan is planning to fail was the motto Shivani lived by. 

Every Sunday, Shivani meal prepped all the lunches and charted out the week. She knew exactly when she would get her steps, when she was going to train and what days she would get in her cardio. 

“I would have a picture in my head on how the week was going to pan out. And everything was mapped out in my calendar.

I also didn’t mind eating the same foods, in fact it made it all so much easier.” 

Making The Switch: Fat Loss To Maintenance 

Shivani nailed The Process Phase i.e. the fat loss phase from the very beginning. She had her structure in place and she was 100% dialled in. 

“I was enjoying the journey, it was challenging but enjoyable. I like the structure and the accountability kept me motivated. 

But as the calories dropped it got harder mentally. I was a bit more irritable as well. 

I even questioned why I was pushing so far, I had achieved the look I wanted anyway. But the drive to prove to myself that I could do it, pushed me on. Reading all the transformation stories on the website helped me stay motivated too. 

Also, my husband was such a huge support.” 

As she neared her goal weight, Shivani decided to book in a photoshoot. 

“I wasn’t going to do a photoshoot at first, but then I thought it would be great to really mark it in some way. 

We were meant to go away on holiday and I thought I’d come back from my vacation and then aim to hit Checkpoint, but my coach pushed me to hit Checkpoint before going away. 

I didn’t think it was doable! But I surprised myself!”

While The Process Phase was easy, Consolidation i.e. maintenance was tough. 

“I had to shift my mindset away from just looking at the scales. I still panic when the scale goes up too much. It took me a long time to eat an untracked meal. I’m still trying to find my ideal weight. But I am getting better at it, and I know I will get more confident in managing and maintaining my fitness.”

The Physical Is The Vehicle 

“When you break down the RNT process it is hard but simple. And you are struck by the impact it has on your physique and mindset. 

Preparing for the week ahead gives you room to concentrate on other priorities and excel in them. 

Also, I feel prioritising your health as number one has been an eye opener. I feel happier and more energetic. Petty things that used to bother me don’t bother me anymore.

I also have so much more self confidence, just the fact that I achieved my goal in less than 6 months made me feel really good about myself.”

The Podcast 

In Ep 345 of RNT Fitness Radio, Shivani talks to Akash (RNT Founder) about her motivation to sign up to RNT. 

As a mother of young children, Shivani’s journey towards achieving generational health is something all parents can resonate with. 

In this podcast Shivani says, “I don’t want to be spending time in hospital going from one appointment to another in my 70s. I want to enjoy my life and enjoy my children and RNT has taught me how to do that.”



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