How Amit Lost 15kg And Used The Physical As The Vehicle To Transform His Life

An inspiring story of a father who lost 15 kgs to be in the shape of his life, for life!

I wish I joined and knew about RNT a lot sooner in life - Amit

Since his childhood, Amit had always struggled with his weight.

When he was 17 years old, he clocked in at well over 100kg. A conversation with his father made him realise the gravity of his situation and he knew he had to make a change. His father encouraged him to go for long walks, so every day of the week at about 9pm they would walk for about an hour. He gradually managed to shift his weight, which sparked interest in getting active and playing more sports and heading to the gym.

Over the course of his 20s, Amit settled into the mid 80s. A great job so far.

At the age of 33, Amit’s life was changing he was a father, a husband, and a manager at Heathrow airport. But something was missing.

Despite losing some of his initial weight, the ‘muck’ from his childhood still stuck with him. He suffered with body confidence issues, paralysis by analysis and indecisiveness. By his own admission, he had a habit of spending more time strategising as opposed to executing.

Something was missing.

He’d not been through a hard transformation which he could use as a platform for a long-term lifestyle solution. But he had experienced the freedom and the peace that would settle onto him while he stretched into a difficult yogic pose. At RNT we call this space of mental release, ‘The Void’. Amit referred to this feeling of lightness as ‘the peace’ - he had got a glimpse of it while practicing yoga, he was able to reach that state while holding a difficult pose. He marvelled that through pushing the limits of his body he managed to reach that state of calm. He wanted to be able to tap into that feeling more. This gave him even more reason to sign up to RNT. He’d been searching for a solution that truly resonated with him for years and it came to him while scrolling through social media.

He had found the missing piece - RNT. When he saw the words: the physical is the vehicle. Something clicked.

The ‘physical is the vehicle’ is the philosophy that drives RNT and it struck a deep chord with Amit. His path from being the overweight 17 year old to a relatively fit 33 year old had made an impact in his life, and he had experienced the power the physical had in changing other aspects of his life. He resonated with the idea and he knew RNT was the answer.

The Previous Three Struggles

Before starting with RNT, there were three key areas that Amit struggled with, which he’ll dive into here:

1) Poor Nutrition Practices

“In my 20s I grew to enjoy physical exercise in different forms, and the beautiful pain I’d get from it. I’d wipe myself out in the gym, the pool or various classes because I had the mindset that it allowed me to justify my poor diet of cakes, pastries, cookies and whatever else I could get my hand on!

It was a vicious and unhealthy cycle. I always heard that ‘you can’t out train a bad diet’, but I was willing to do whatever it took to disprove this theory’.

Obviously, I never did!

I’d say on reflection it only ever felt good 1% of the time, and left me with guilt, anxiety, stress and fear the other 99%. Especially as I’d spend hours strategising how I could ‘hack the body’, when in reality, I now know I just needed to eat better.”

2) Body Confidence

“I’ve always struggled with body dysmorphia on some level. Before starting RNT, it was on another level. It was getting to the point I was unable to wear certain types of clothes because of how I felt about my hips. It would make me anxious on a daily basis, and I dreaded attending social events.

My deep rooted psychology was that I wanted to feel accepted. I always thought everyone was watching and judging me. All of this combined meant the simple act of wearing clothes took up so much mental capacity and it overflowed my stress cup daily. I was exhausted before I could even deal with life’s daily challenges and opportunities.

I even remember searching on Google for advice on how to dress a particular body type in order to hide certain features. Or whether certain colours could create an illusion of slenderness.

The amount of time I’d spend in clothing shop dressing rooms was depressing. I’d try everything and nothing would fit. It was draining and soul destroying.

I was a prisoner in my own body staring down the barrel of a life sentence, and a fast tracked ticket to a wasted life.”

3) Poor Digestion

“Due to my poor nutritional choices, I always felt inflamed. I had irregular bowel movements and as a result, felt in a state of stress at all times. I remember I’d make lifestyle decisions based on how my digestion would be.

If I felt congested, I’d be bloated, and so I’d avoid exercising, socialising, or wearing certain clothes.

It was the centre of my day. I’d constantly worry and wonder about when my body would decide to ‘go’, so to speak. It dictated my happiness and confidence levels during a 24 hour period.

To try to help, I’d take laxatives, try different sleeping positions, chew gum, all sorts. I’d try whatever I’d read online!

The combination of these three were very real, and I can’t believe just how much it paralysed me in my day to day.”

To hear Amit’s story in more detail, listen to episode 121 of RNT Fitness Radio here:

The Why, And The Why Behind The Why

If the above wasn’t enough to drive action, Amit wanted to have a completion mindset. He was fed up of being a great “starter”, but never following through. It was showing up in his work, and with his family and friends. And all it’d do would feed the vicious cycle of insecurity, stress and more paralysis by analysis.

You can see a pattern emerging, right?

We took this a step further to really crystallise Amit’s underpinnings for his journey, and asked him ‘why’ behind his ‘why’.

“Because of everything I’ve discussed so far, my whole day was centred around consumption in order to simply sustain my life. It was sleep, eat, travel, work, stress, eat, sleep, repeat. While there’s nothing unusual in that per se, I was doing this with little consciousness. My mind and body was in decay, and it wasn’t being used for anything productive. My poor health was triggering negative emotional reactions in my life which I felt was holding me back everywhere”.

Applying A Singular Focus

The beauty of going through the RNT Transformation Journey is the level of single mindedness it allows you to harness.

Especially when working towards your first Transformation Checkpoint alongside a coach, whereby you’re able to put the blinders up, focus, and simply execute. Less thinking, more action.

Amit drastically cut down his level of consumption. Instead of wasting his evenings mindlessly scrolling through random websites he channeled his attention to one source: the RNT Education Hub.

“When I started this journey I decided to cut the clutter and go all in with RNT. This meant interacting on the RNT Facebook group, listening to their podcasts (Spotify, iTunes, etc.), checking out the recipe hub, and reading the case studies and educational articles (on their website prompted by e-mails to your inbox). So long as you have a phone or some sort of laptop / tablet – you have industry leading health and nutritional content at your fingertips. This was a life changer.”

The Power of Accountability

“The level of accountability really allows you the opportunity to see how your week has been, the results you’ve achieved, and a chance to assess how you feel, figure out what has worked and what didn’t. The RNT team is so knowledgeable but also down to earth and I could connect with them. Topics discussed weren’t limited to food and exercise. Quite often the topics of conversation spilled into all aspects of life. To say it’s been life changing would be an understatement. The major surprise for me is how much life has changed in simply a matter of weeks. All the foundation building, and cleansing the palate, while finally having a structure, strategy and system to my day has been revolutionary. In terms of tangible, physical results; in 6 months, I’ve lost 15kg and 6 inches off my waist!”

Starting Weight: 80.1kg

Starting Waist: 36 inches

Checkpoint Weight: 66.7kg

Checkpoint Waist: 29.3 inches

Telling His Story…

The run to his first checkpoint has been nothing short of spectacular.

Outside of the pictures you see through this article, he’s experienced the following ten benefits:

  1. A completion mindset
  2. Singularity of focus
  3. Increased efficiency
  4. Body confidence
  5. Increased education on health and fitness
  6. Heightened presence
  7. Better relationships with his family and friends
  8. Higher performance at work
  9. Healthy digestion
  10. Emotional connectivity and inner peace

The Physical Is The Vehicle

We asked Amit why RNT’s mission means so much to him.

“The reason why I think the physical acts as the vehicle is because tackling the physical forces you into a state of being that lends itself to operating at the best version of yourself.

What I mean by this is the simple actions of preparing your meals, planning your week, waking up earlier, moving more, eating healthier foods, etc.… all of these simple actions naturally free up your time, and give you energy to pursue other interests in your life which previously would always fall at the bottom of the priority list.

For me, this meant spending less time worrying about ‘me’, and more time helping and giving to others. I’ve started volunteering to help feed and clothe the homeless in London. I help more at home with domestic responsibilities (as they say, charity begins at home), and every Friday I buy coffee for people in my queue at the local Starbucks. I’ve started helping graduates at work develop in their careers through mentorship and coaching. I help my family in whatever way they need me and overall, I just focus on being present and available for whoever needs my body and mind.”

“Now that I spend less time stressing or worrying about how I look, who’s judging me, how I haven’t finished what I started, it’s allowed me to feel peace and focus on giving. When I say giving, I mean it in almost every context of life. In this context of emotional connectivity, I mean it in the sense of my improved ability to meaningfully exchange information and emotion with others. And with no other purpose besides making that person feel like the most important person in the world.”

The Next Phase For Amit

As of writing this, Amit is at the beginning of his Investment Phase, after a successful period navigating through Consolidation.

His goal is to opt on the left side of the Investment Continuum, meaning he wants to continue to refine his structure, strategy and systems to stay in the shape of his life, for life, while always experiencing the power of the physical as the vehicle.

Amit’s Testimonial

“There is a saying in life that ‘good things come to those who wait’. Well, this saying definitely resonates with me as I’ve had to unknowingly practice the art of patience many times before encountering some of the most life changing moments in my life…one of which I would definitely say is working with RNT.

My journey officially started back in July ’19 where I joined the family, and from this moment onwards, my life hasn’t been the same since. For years I struggled with body confidence, poor digestion, frustration, stress and social anxiety all stemming somehow from a lack of self care and respect for the physical.

As far as analogies go, it’s fair to say I was a pilot sitting in a broken aircraft, engines missing, and no previous flying experience; yet expecting my plane to take off any minute.

From the very second I started with RNT, I knew I would finally be freed from my struggles as the level of personalised service, tailor made programming, and genuine love and care they showed me was amazing. Since this moment, every week I receive personalised advice on why, what, when, where and how to eat, train and LIVE in order to change my body and life. Myself and those around me have witnessed the changes unfold on a weekly basis; whereby I lost unprecedented amounts of body weight and fat whilst simultaneously gaining confidence, belief and mental steel.

I wish I joined and knew about RNT a lot sooner in life, as in only six months my life has transformed for the greater good. I wonder what could have been if I had applied industry leading knowledge combined with personalised structure, strategy and systems many years sooner.

As far as analogies go, it’s fair to say I am now a proud pilot in a shiny new A380. I have the honour of having the world’s best co-pilot meticulously guiding me through take off, flying at various altitudes across many continents, and back to landing again. I’m armed with the best knowledge, experience and skill for self-mastery of my own future flight path, shaping my future destiny.

Thank you RNT, I will be indebted to you forever.

Like me 6 months ago, if you’re reading this testimonial looking for justification to start your transformational journey, then I’m here to tell you that the more optimal, productive, energetic, aesthetic, healthy, happy and more peaceful version of you is desperately waiting to meet you on the other side of your journey.

How will you get to meet this version 2.0 of yourself?

Well that’s the easy bit, simply ‘use the physical as the vehicle’, allow RNT into your life, and the rest will be history!

Peace be the Journey!”

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