The Power of Persistence: Anish's Incredible 20 kg Weight Loss in 5 Months

Anish was caught off guard when he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror one morning. He’d always been able to maintain his weight and could comfortably fit into small or medium sized clothes. But now he felt a twinge of discomfort whenever he wore clothes that used to fit him well. 

Catching his reflection in the mirror revealed a reality he’d been hiding from. 

This slow loss of control began in the months after his wedding. 

It’s common in Indian culture to invite newlyweds to dinner. This is why Anish and his new bride found themselves dining out multiple times with loving friends and family. 

The food was lavish, indulgent and frequent, so without a proper plan in place to help him stay at a healthy weight, Anish found his weight starting to go up. 

“I was just gaining loads of weight! I had no control over my diet.  And I needed to put something in place to ensure I didn’t spiral out of control.”

Why quick-fix plans don’t work 

Anish had followed 12 to 15 week plans in the past. However, none of those plans offered structure around nutrition, mindset and exercise. 

“I’ve trained before at the gym and followed a strict diet plan before, but I never knew what to do after the plan ended. So while I did get some results, I soon rebounded to my old weight.” 

This was why RNT’s 12-month commitment got Anish’s attention. 

“None of the plans I had tried before gave me any ideas on how to maintain my results. So when I saw that RNT was a year long commitment, I was keen to try it. I knew I needed time to understand nutrition and exercise to make it integral in my life, something these short-term plans couldn’t give me.” 

While following the quick-fix plans, Anish also found he wasn’t as engaged in the gym.

“I was also just clock-watching while at the gym, going through the motions without conviction. I didn’t push myself hard enough. I had no structure to my training. I wasn’t aspiring to lift more. The wheels were just turning, and I wasn’t making any progress.” 

With RNT, Anish finally found that love for training he lacked before. 

“I finally had a better understanding of nutrition. The coaches were there to help you push hard at the gym, and the accountability the RNT Pro platform brings sets you up for success. The daily check-in especially was great for me as I didn’t want to have anything in the red. I wanted to be able to tick off my non-negotiables at the end of the day.”

Fueling Progress and Growth

Anish embarked on his weight loss journey with determination and a clear plan. 

He recognised the importance of timing and took advantage of favourable weather conditions to incorporate daily walks into his routine. 

He’d recently switched careers with his new role, giving him the flexibility to adjust his schedule and prioritise his health and fitness goals. 

Anish committed himself to regular workouts, often starting his day at the gym. He utilised the RNT app to track his progress and stay accountable. 

“After completing my morning workout and ticking it off on the app, and seeing the steady drop in body weight motivated me to continue my journey.”

Transitioning to a nutrient-dense diet was a significant adjustment for Anish. 

“Switching to nutritionally dense foods made a noticeable difference. I felt fuller and more satisfied compared to the snacky foods I used to consume.” 

Perfecting the lifestyle solution

Through his RNT journey, Anish started to identify the gaps in his understanding of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

“I used to chomp down a couple of pieces of toast for breakfast, not factoring in how much protein I was having. For lunch, I would grab a chicken wrap, thinking that seemed healthy. After all that, I would still feel hungry at the end of the day. 

But I wasn’t drinking enough water, wouldn’t focus on my steps and didn’t eat that much veg. Now, my meals of tofu or tempeh with potatoes and vegetables fill me up.”

Anish also understood the importance of spacing out his meals evenly throughout the day so he wouldn’t feel hungry at 8 pm. 

“I always like to have something sweet after dinner, so I just made it a point to find something sweet that I enjoyed that fit into my macros and calories so I would enjoy that every day. To make sure I got my 10k steps a day, I went for a walk in the morning and walked up and down in the gym to get my steps in between sets.”

These small but effective changes to Anish’s routine were the reason for his consistent progress throughout the 5 months. 

“Tracking my stats on the app and uploading my photos motivated me to book a photoshoot after I hit my goal weight. I was hesitant at first, but then I thought it was the perfect way to celebrate all the hard work.”

Anish knew that hitting his goal weight was just half of the journey. The real learning would come afterwards. He wanted to be careful not to throw away all his months of hard work by letting go of the structure he had so carefully built. 

“I still stick to my routine of getting my training done in the morning and getting my steps in. I have a few more calories now but stick to my meal plans while enjoying a bit of flexibility occasionally. I love how I feel in my body now, and that’s affected my confidence levels as well.”

New levels of confidence

Anish feels so much better, not only physically but mentally as well. His energy levels have skyrocketed, making a huge difference in his day-to-day life. 

“I’ve embraced a new career and have taken on a leadership role that I never thought possible. It’s given me the confidence to handle and manage a team, something I’ve never done before. It’s a stark contrast to how I used to be, where I would shy away from such interactions. The difference now is incredible.”

Anish’s newfound confidence has been a game-changer. It has opened doors and expanded his horizons in ways he never imagined. 

The Podcast 

In Ep 372 of RNT Fitness Radio, Anish and Akash talk about Anish’s journey in detail. How he faced the challenges and came out feeling like he’s unlocked the best version of himself.

In this podcast, he says, “My friends and family look at me now and tell me that I look like a completely different person. And I feel like a completely different person as well.” 

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