Transform Your Body, Transform Your Life

Master your mind & body to be in the shape of your life, for life. rating 100+ reviews

If you want a quick fix 12-week plan, don’t read this book. This is for those of you who want a real lifelong transformation. Inside and out. A refreshingly honest book for the fitness industry

Jason Ferruggia

Transformation Coach and host of the Renegade Radio podcast

Who is this book for?

  • Are you sick of going on diets, only to regain all the weight back?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed and out of control?
  • Are you tired of spinning your wheels with no results to show for your hard work?
  • Is your confidence at an all-time low?
  • Are you ready to transform your life?

If you’re nodding along to any of these questions, this book is written for you.

It’s time to say no to quick fixes, shiny objects and gimmicks. No more 4 week blitzes, 8 week shape ups, and 12 week plans.

It’s time to bridge the gap between short-term change, and long-term transformation.

It’s time to introduce a paradigm shift, and it begins here.

What do I learn?

Master the five phases outlined in this book and you will:

  • Feel, look and perform at your best.
  • Identify your past failures and break the dieting cycle once and for all.
  • Use your new-found confidence and focus as a vehicle to improve your career, relationships, and life.
  • Rewire your identity, behaviour and mindset to stay lean and healthy forever.

Are you ready to let go of your past and shape your future?

Trusted by thousands

“Staying in great shape in the long run is more than simply eating less and moving more. It requires a fundamental rewiring of how you think and act on a daily basis. If you would love to be a brand new fit and vital individual then this book can now be your roadmap on how to achieve it.”

Dr. John Demartini

International bestselling author, educator and consultant

“If you’re ready to break the dieting cycle and transform for life, this book is what you need. Read it!”

Shona Vertue

Author and creator of the Vertue Method

“This book transcends the fitness industry. The principles, methods and insights can be applied in your business, your career and your relationships. It’s a must have for anyone in any industry.”

Phil Graham

Leading Fitness Educator & Author of Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide

“If you want a quick fix 12-week plan, don’t read this book. This is for those of you who want a real lifelong transformation. Inside and out. A refreshingly honest book for the fitness industry.”

Jason Ferruggia

Transformation Coach and host of the Renegade Radio podcast

“A book dedicated to the greater good of your life has been superbly delivered by Akash. It’s as much a manual for the spirit as it is the physical and it is packed with superb ideas and life observations which reject the quick fix and reveal the secrets of a life journey. It’s author has lent on his own life experiences and in so doing has produced an inspiring read, with fresh insights and accessible lessons to achieve the shape of your life, for life.”

Michael Hayman MBE

Co-author, Mission: How The Best In Business Break Through

“The way fitness is marketed, you’d never know there’s a difference between short-term results and long-term transformations. Akash used to think that way, too. Until he tried it, and it nearly broke him. That’s when he realized the biggest transformation is the one that takes place between your ears. Transform Your Body, Transform Your Life is an expert guide to making those big changes, from someone who’s learned these lessons the hard way.”

Lou Schuler

Editorial director at the Personal Trainer Development Center

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10+ checklists

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A few words from the author

Thanks for reading this far! Let me tell you a bit about myself, and why I’ve written this book. I’m the Founder of RNT Fitness, a leading transformation company with a vision to see a world transformed. This book is part of our mission to get there.

I’ve written this book to stop you making the same mistakes I made for years, both in myself and our members. In the first five years of my career, I focused entirely on helping people only get into the best shape possible. That’s all. I was the person pushing the quick fixes and solutions.

After competing in bodybuilding in 2014, and experiencing my own rebound with a long period of yo-yoing, I had to change my approach. I spent the next few years getting back on track, and understanding the differences between those who get into shape, and those who stay in shape.

When starting RNT in 2017, I formalised my learnings into what we now call the Five Phase Transformation Journey, which is a step-by-step unique and proven methodology to enable you to get into the shape of your life, for life, while experiencing benefits that transcend the physical. Since this new beginning, we’ve refined our methods to help transform 2500+ lives across 20+ countries around the world.

I’ve written this book to teach you how to do the same, and I can’t wait for you to read and apply everything you’re about to learn. Thank you for your support, it means everything.

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