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Busy Dad Jeroen, Went From Weak And Overweight To Strong Muscle-Man

Jeroen had always struggled with his weight. Now in his 40s he was conscious of the fact that he had to change things around if he wanted to live a long, healthy, happy and productive life.

He had tried to change his diet and was putting in the effort to exercise but with little progress. He knew he needed to join a program that would give him the tools and the structure to achieve his goals. When a good friend, Diksesh, told him about RNT, he knew he had to sign up.

The Struggles

When you start off on a journey, there definitely is a lot to take in. The step count, the water, fitting the training and meal prep into your schedule takes a lot of determination and focus.

“For me the biggest struggles were in trying to answer the question, “Am I doing it right?”

Especially since the process is so long and the results didn’t show overnight (I guess I forgot that I didn’t get fat in a day!). In today’s world we are programmed to expect instant results, so having the RNT team keeping you ticking off boxes and becoming more process-orientated rather than results-orientated definitely helped keep me on the right path.”

The Process

Embracing the process and committing to the path is half the battle, the rest is to make sure you don’t allow yourself to veer too much off course, we are all human and of course we will eat off plan or struggle to get in all the sessions at the gym and maybe hitting the steps seems too much at times. But as long as we don’t let one bad day become a bad week and then a bad month, progress will continue.

“I have enjoyed the process of muscle building, finding a love for a new sport and ultimately excelling at it simply because of consistency and repetition has been very satisfying both mentally and physically.

I am more comfortable with doing things like calorie counting, guesstimating when eating out, dropping food before and after a night out and increasing water and cardio to compensate for a big meal to minimise the after effects has become more ingrained.

I am far from perfect and of course it is a learning process and takes a long time to get right and to be comfortable with it. But I’m comfortable being uncomfortable.

It’s a mindset change altogether. Once your mind is trained the lifestyle becomes a habit not just another fad diet.”

Life has changed immensely! Having a great physique at 40 is not very common and it was a pleasant surprise to learn that I have great genetics for building muscle. It’s opened up new opportunities for me, I’m much healthier, my life expectancy is longer and best of all I look and feel great, that’s priceless.

Stats Summary

Jeroen worked with us at RNT between 2018 and 2019, and then recently got in touch with us to share his progress since continuing the journey on his own, to show the depth and implementation of his knowledge gained when with us!

Here’s a summary that shows his hard work and changes he’s made:

Autumn 2018 - 115kg, 40% body fat (estimated)

Spring 2019 - 95kg, 20% body fat (estimated)

Summer 2020 - 90kg, 18% body fat (estimated)

Summer 2021 - 98kg, 13% body fat (dexa scan)

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