When Busy Dad Thiago Took Back Control of His Health, He Became The Father He Always Wished To Be

When Thiago’s daughter was born, he was determined to be an active and involved dad who could run, jump and play with her to her heart’s content.

But as she grew into an energetic toddler, he found himself struggling to keep up and was always looking for a place to sit down when he took her to the park to play.

It struck him that he wasn’t fulfilling the promise he had made to himself when he became a father.

And that’s when he knew that it was high-time he signed up to RNT: a programme he had been following for a couple of years.

If you want to understand what it took for Thiago to become the dad he always wanted to be - here is a bird’s eye view of his RNT journey.

Starting measurements

Weight - 96kg

Waist - 94cm

“My biggest problem before signing up to RNT was a total lack of vitality.

I didn’t pay much attention to my overall health, especially with regards to nutrition.

I would too often indulge in pizza on Friday, burger on Saturday with brownies in the afternoon and wine at night.

I was also constantly hopping from one fitness program to the next without really educating myself on what was right for me!”

To set him up to succeed Thiago needed a reset which is what the first couple of weeks of our programme focuses on and that’s why we call it this phase ‘Clean The Palate’.

These couple of weeks lays the foundation for The Process Phase i.e. the fat loss phase.

Initial Transformation Plans

Training - 4 days per week on an upper/lower split.

Steps - 10,000

Cardio - 2 X 30 min cardio sessions per week.

Diet: Thiago preferred a plant based diet so his main protein sources were beans, tofu, tempeh and edamame pasta.

Diet Plan

Calories - 2400

Protein- 170

Fat - 75

Carbs- 260

The way we set it out for Thiago was as follows to begin with:

Meal 1- 30g plant based protein, 35g peanut butter, 150g oats, 30g raisins

Meal 2- 200g tofu, 80g rice, 2 tsp olive oil, 150g untracked vegetables

Meal 3- 25g plant based protein, 25 almonds, 100g berries, 160g banana

Meal 4- 150g tempeh, 75g edamame spaghetti, 100g kidney beans, 150g untracked vegetables

Recommended Supplements

To get the most out of his training we recommend taking a few essential supplements.


Creatine - 5g per day

Omega 3

Vitamin D3

We also recommended a magnesium complex at night about 30 min before sleep to help the body to switch off.

To get the most out of his training and cardio session Thiago had a black coffee 30 min before workouts.

WEEK 1: Clean The Palate

The first week was great. Right off the bat, Thiago’s weight dropped by 0.6kg and seeing the scale move in the desired direction so early on helped him stay motivated.

WEEK 2: Clean The Palate

At the end of the second week, there was no change in scale weight, so we decided to cut back a little on the total calories.

Revised Diet Plan

Calories - 2200

Protein - 170

Fats - 75

Carbs - 210

WEEK 3: The Process Phase

At the end of the third week, Thiago’s waist had gone down by 1cm but his weight was still holding, so another 200 calories were taken off his plan.

Weight - 95.5kg

Waist - 93cm

Revised Diet Plan

Calories - 2000

Protein - 170

Fats - 75

Carbs - 160

WEEK 4: The Process Phase

Weight - 94.9kg

Waist - 93cm

Nearly a month into his journey, Thiago had gotten into a good rhythm.

So much so that even when away on holiday he made good progress and didn’t pile on excess weight.

The education he was getting through the programme along with guidance from the coaching team helped him make good choices even though he wasn’t strictly following the plan.

To make sure he stayed on track with his training, he hit the hotel gym first thing in the morning before the rest of his family got up.

WEEK 5: The Process Phase

Weight - 93.3kg

Waist - 90cm

Straight off the back of his holiday, Thiago had to travel to the US on work and would be away for nearly 5 weeks. Despite having to adjust to the time zone difference, he maintained steady progress. This was largely due to the fact that Thiago did a little bit of planning.

He made sure the hotel he stayed at had a decent gym so he wouldn’t fall back on his training. He sourced food from the local supermarket and had his meals prepped and ready to take on the go.

WEEK 11: The Process Phase

Weight - 90.1kg

Waist - 88cm

It wouldn’t have surprised us if the 5 weeks away had impacted Thiago’s progress. But the fact that he had a plan that he stuck to diligently helped him keep his goal in sight. His weight had dropped consistently and his waistline was getting narrower.

Travelling can still take a toll on our system so when Thiago got back home he took 2 rest days at the start of the week, which set him up to hit the gym fully recovered and at full strength.

Thiago’s foot was on the gas and we wanted to make sure he didn’t plateau. He was doing well and feeling strong so we decided to push him further - another 200 calories was taken off his diet plan.

Revised Diet Plan

Calories - 1800

Protein - 170

Fats - 75

Carbs - 110

WEEK 13: The Process Phase

Weight - 89.2kg

Waist - 85cm

Things were heating up, calories were low and activity levels were high. This was one of Thiago’s hardest weeks. He was moody and easily irritated.

The hunger was gnawing at him and all he could think about was when he could get his next meal.

But he kept on pushing with the goal in sight!


Cardio - Switched from 2 x 30 min swims to 1 x 60 min swim.

His reduced weight and improved strength levels reflected in his swimming, Thiago managed a 1100m swim in 30 mins!

WEEK 14: The Process Phase

Weight - 88.3kg

Waist - 84 cm

The abs were beginning to show, keeping Thiago’s motivational levels high. To make sure he kept the momentum going, he decided to lock in his Checkpoint date or the date when he would have reached peak level of fitness.

WEEK 18: The Process Phase

Weight - 86.5kg

Waist - 82 cm

This week was the start of The Grind when things can get intense, but the results always make this brief period worth all the sweat and effort.

This point in the RNT journey is more mental than physical. To keep going you have to learn to cultivate the mindset needed to get through this stage. Which is why a shiny prize waiting for you at the end of the journey can keep things ticking along even when your mood is affected and energy is low.

At RNT, this shiny prize is usually a photoshoot. There is nothing like knowing you are going to be under a spotlight with a camera lens pointing at you to keep you accountable.

Thiago decided to lock it in, he had his Checkpoint date and now he had a date for a photoshoot. He was ready to go all in!

Revised Diet Plan

Calories - 1500

Protein - 150

Fats - 65

Carbs - 80

Meal plan changes:

Meal 1- 40g oats, 20g peanut butter, 30g plant based protein powder, 80g banana

Meal 2- 150g tofu, 60g edamame spaghetti, 150g untracked ve

Meal 3- 30g plant based protein, 30g almonds, 100g berries

Meal 4- 155g tofu, 60g edamame spaghetti, 150g untracked veg

WEEK 19: Checkpoint

Weight - 85.9kg

Waist - 83cm

Thiago had finally reached his goal! His abs were popping and he was in the shape of his life! Now to make sure he looked amazing on shoot day!


Cardio - Increased to 3 x 45 mins and steps to 12k for next week

WEEK 20: Peak Week

Weight - 86.4kg

Waist - 83cm

To make sure that Thiago looked his best for his photoshoot we crafted a peak week plan to slowly boost up his carbs so his muscles would look well defined and he would look amazing!

We decided to remove the edamame spaghetti as it was causing some bloating. We replaced it with some sweet potato, rice and quinoa with tofu and protein powder to make up for the reduced protein.

WEEK 21: The Consolidation Phase

After hitting the high of reaching his Checkpoint, Thiago had to navigate his reverse diet, which meant that he gradually increased his calories. This is especially important after going through a hard fat loss phase; too much too soon could result in undoing all the months of hard work. But with a carefully planned Consolidation Phase, Thiago came out of it beautifully!

New Diet Plan

Calories - 2220

Protein - 150g

Fats - 70g

Carbs - 250g


Training: 4 x week (upper/lower split as usual)

Cardio: 2 x 30 mins

Steps: 10k

Meal plan:

Meal 1- 50g oats, 20g plant based protein powder, 30g peanut butter, 80g banana, 250g berries

Meal 2- 150g tofu, 50g edamame spaghetti, 50g Quinoa/Blackrice/soybeans, 100g white potato, 150g untracked veg

Meal 3- 30g plant based protein powder, 250g berries, 30g raisins, 20g almonds

Meal 4- 150g tofu, 80g sweet potato, 70g rice, 40g edamame spag, 150g untracked veg, 80g banana, 20g peanut butter

Week 29 - The Investment Phase

After consolidating successfully, Thiago was ready to enter The Investment Phase when he could really focus on building his strength and improving his physique.

At the same time, using this time to build his lifestyle solution to stay in good shape year round!

Revised Diet Plan

Calories - 2400

Protein - 150g

Fats - 70g

Carbs - 250g

Training: 4 x week (upper/lower split as usual)

Cardio: 2 x 30 mins

Steps: 10k

Meal 1 - 60g oats, 40g plant based protein powder, 25g peanut butter, 50g banana, 80g blueberries

Meal 2 - 220g tofu, 100g Quinoa/BlackRice/soybeans, 130g white potato, 150g untracked veg

Meal 3 - 40g plant based protein powder, 160g banana, 100g berries, 20g almonds

Meal 4 - 220g tofu, 120g white potato, 80g rice, 150g untracked veg, 80g banana, 20g peanut butter


Starting measurements

Weight - 96kg

Waist - 94cm

Checkpoint measurements

Weight - 87.5kg

Waist - 82cm

Consolidation measurements

Weight - 90.1kg

Waist - 87cm

Investment measurements

Weight - 91.9kg

Waist - 86cm


Thiago’s journey is a perfect example of how the RNT journey unfolds, with careful planning and with the help from the coaches he got to be in the shape of his life, for life!

And this is what he had to say about his RNT experience.

1. What were the series of moments that led to your “trigger” moment to begin your journey with RNT?

When I joined the ranks of fatherhood in 2019, I suddenly recalled memories of my father.

I remembered that he had undergone multiple heart operations which meant that he couldn’t do any intense exercise. It meant that all my friends could play football with their fathers but not me.

Ever since then, I had it clear in my mind that I was going to be there for my children: playing, jumping, climbing, running, cycling, swimming… I was determined to get involved in every sport and activity they liked.

But, by the end of 2021, I noticed that my energy levels were decreasing.

I was too comfortable and constantly looking for places to sit down whenever I was out to play with my daughter, which was the exact opposite of what I had imagined. I knew I had to take steps quickly if I wanted to stay an active and involved father.

I had been following and listening to RNT podcasts since 2019, and I had promised myself I would join the program when I could meet the financial commitment for it.

And in June 2022, I finally signed up.

2. What were your biggest problems before starting RNT?

Total lack of vitality.

I didn’t pay much attention to my overall health, especially with regards to nutrition.

I would too often indulge in pizza on Friday, burger on Saturday with brownies in the afternoon and wine at night.

I was also constantly hopping from one fitness program to the next without really educating myself on what was right for me!

3. What has the process been like, and the biggest challenges and obstacles?

I wasn’t a complete beginner as I have done similar fitness programmes in the past.

However, this time with RNT, I was much more prepared and so well supported.

I found a huge difference in the level of commitment RNT puts into every single person when compared to other fitness programmes.

I knew I would have to go through a fat loss phase at the start, and honestly I was not looking forward to it.

I was concerned that I would become grumpy and easily irritated when I was in a calorie deficit for an extended period of time, but it turned out that it was more manageable this time around.

I felt supported by my coach who was always very responsive, ready to offer me a fresh look and was always so optimistic throughout my journey.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that eating the same food everyday for almost 5 months was not at all a problem - I loved each and every meal.

My friends, family and colleagues just couldn’t believe that I could be satisfied eating the same lunch for the 167th day in a row!

Working out was quite fun as well, the structured approach with its emphasis on progressive overload was a great challenge.

Cardio sessions are now part of my life and I look forward to every session.

So, I would say the biggest challenge was coping with low energy at the end of The Process Phase and also managing my cravings.

4. How has the physical been the vehicle?

The physical has been the vehicle to such a large extent!

When my body shifted from “let’s just pile on the extra calories” to “burn all the fat I have accumulated” I entered a new realm of clarity and focus; not only physically but mentally too.

It was difficult at first, as I started turning my back on things that didn’t matter much to me anymore, which took people around me by surprise.

But with this sharpened focus, things that were taking too long to happen started to move fast. Suddenly my second business that I’d been planning for years kick-started. I had better control on my finances and I was planning my weeks carefully.

It had never occurred to me that I had to gain control of my body and harness that increased energy to make things happen. It’s just awesome!

5. What almost kept you from joining?

I had postponed my enrollment a few times because of the cost of the 12 months program with RNT, but this time I was financially prepared.

I was also not sure about going through another fat loss phase again.

But now that I am on the other side of these two roadblocks, I am very proud of myself for joining.

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