Ranjana · Checkpoint

Busy Mum, Ranjana, stopped dieting and yo-yoing to be fit for life

“At 2am mid-2018, whilst flipping through family holiday photos I took a long hard look at myself in those photos. I was still happy, smiley, chirpy but a whole lot bigger, bulkier and seriously out of shape. The image I have of myself in my head - young, energetic and healthy mum of 2 just didn’t match what I was seeing. In my early thirties, I’ve been pregnant twice and forgotten to look after myself and eaten far too much of the healthy foods and unhealthy foods, program hopping and over analysing my diet-exercise plans, leading to very little success but always ending with the same question – ‘What am I doing wrong?’. Kids and family have always come first and somehow looking after myself wasn’t ever a priority. Like all parents, I want to set an example for my girls and so it has become my ultimate goal.

I had heard of RNT from friends and I researched them thoroughly, scrolling through all the articles and testimonials there are. Everything I read about RNT coaches further reinforced my decision to sign up.

My RNT journey has been amazing and informative. I’ve gone from a dress size 14 to a size 8 and lost 17 kilograms- all this whilst enjoying what I was doing. The difference the RNT methodology makes is immense. I’m so grateful for everything RNT has done for me! From my previous endeavours to get fit I knew it was not going to be a quick-fix or an overnight miracle. I’ve had support with nutrition, food prepping, and have developed a deeper understanding of why I’m doing what I’m doing. The RNT group on facebook and their podcasts kept me motivated. The accountability system that RNT has embedded in their program was key to my progress. RNT has reformed my life - by changing my attitude towards food, exercise, health. I went to RNT asking to make me “look good” and I have ended up looking good and feeling amazing. It’s fabulous to have a team that motivates you with their own experiences on their fitness journey.

Being skinny isn’t for everyone but being strong should be for everyone, especially women. I know I am setting the right body goals and body image for my two girls who are now obsessed with eating veg and making healthy choices. Why wait for my 40th birthday to feel great?! RNT has got me there well before my 38th Birthday.

I signed up for a body transformation and I transformed my life! So kicked for the next phase of bettering my body and life. Thank you RNT!”

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