EP 87: Ranjana Bhat: How Jana Dropped 17kg & Built Muscle As A Full Time Working Mother Of Two

EP 87: Ranjana Bhat: How Jana Dropped 17kg & Built Muscle As A Full Time Working Mother Of Two

We’ve got a fun one in store for you today as I’m joined by fellow RNT’er, Ranjana, who’s been on a real journey with us at RNT over the past year.

She started off with a goal of pure fat loss, and in her first 20 weeks she dropped 17kg to get into awesome shape!

Since then, she’s consolidated very well and shifted gears to a performance focus, whereby her goal is very much strength oriented, and building the toned physique she’s after.

In fact, what’s been exciting is that her bodyweight recently has actually gone up despite her dress size going down, which shows the power of progressive training and how the scale doesn’t always tell the full story!

As a busy working mother of two, Jana dives into her routines, lifestyle hacks and mindset tricks she uses to ensure she’s able to live a healthy and productive lifestyle. 

As the episode draws to a close, Jana flips the cards and decides to throw my own rapid fire segment onto me, which definitely caught me by surprise!

This an awesome episode for anyone who wants to feel what moving through the different phases at RNT is like, and just how transformative it can be in ways outside of the physical


     ‘’This is a long term plan, you can’t just do fat loss phase and boom, done’’




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1.24 – Working full time

4.29 – The art of being present

6.32 – Entering our competition last year

9.01 – Suffering from insomnia

13.56 – Setting the right body goals

19.45 – History of fad dieting

22.05 – Being the perfect client

25.45 – Typical day for Jana

30.02 – Akash learning a new language

32.43 – Jana’s stats

35.03 – Consolidation phase

39.35 – Muscle building and goals for this year

42.11 – Meal prepping

46.02 – Decision fatigue

53.37 – The cabbage soup diet

55.03 – Importance of self-education

58.19 – Carb heavy upbringing

59.32 – Biggest struggle right now

1.03.01 – One tip for all the new comers starting now

1.07.53 – The ageing process

1.08.53 – RNT for life

1.09.31 – Rapid fire questions for Akash (including his very own Vito Corleone impression!)


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