Chanak · Checkpoint

Chanak’s RNT Journey Gave Him A Huge Surge In Self Confidence

I think my main struggles were around confidence not looking great and therefore not feeling great mentally. Knowing that I wanted to make a change, but not 100% sure about what to do, in terms of training at the gym or nutrition. There’s so much information available online but I didn’t want to be misinformed and waste time going down the wrong path.

RNT so far has allowed me to overcome all those issues. I think I look better, which has allowed me to feel better. But, it’s not the only thing that makes me feel better. I think RNT has shown me how to to reflect more through journaling a bit, reflecting on my thoughts on walks, learning more through spending more time reading and listening to different podcasts and just generally introspecting more and learning more about myself.

The process so far has been great, definitely challenging but not as challenging as I expected it to be. I’ve obviously had slip-ups here and there but nothing major and following a plan/structure, having someone you’re accountable to does make the journey smoother. So thanks a lot for your help.

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