Chiraag broke out the dreaded fitness plateau and got his dream body

Sometimes you just need to embark on a challenge! After spending years trying to get to the ideal shape I had always visually pictured for myself, I came across RNT. I kept seeing the success stories on Facebook and some of the negative comments: Is this too good to be true?! What could be their secret method? I had tried a range of methods to get to that ideal shape, but nothing seemed to work! I would just think my body is not designed for that or being vegetarian meant I would not see the gains! But the harder I tried the more determined I felt. I love traveling and my favourite part is being on the beach, I just always wanted to feel confident enough to pull off my top and be beach ready! So after spending nearly a year of gymming regularly - I thought enough is enough, it’s now or never, I need help getting into shape! One of my friends shared a recent picture of us from Italy and all I could see was my belly hanging over, although I was slim overall and this was after trying so hard to be in ideal shape!

Once I had decided to join RNT, I could not wait. I had my end goal in mind and thought I am going to embrace this and to achieve my “dream” shape! Although still unsure of the journey! I started listening to the podcasts and reading the success stories!

I had never been comfortable in my shell, I was an overweight teenager and ended up losing lots of weight in my late teens feeling fairly depressed and struggling with an eating disorder. Now for a guy that’s really hard to admit, but the reason behind it was that I didn’t have the dream body I so craved.

RNT has been a good experience, I did not think online coaching would work. Up to the last minute I was in two minds, I even emailed RNT to pull out. I thought it would probably be best to pay for a physical PT and have real life sessions, as I would be more likely to see results. Having gone through the experience I would recommend RNT, I am so happy with my choice to continue. The results I have gained in the short timescales, would not have been possible with a PT in my opinion and much more expensive. You slowly build up a good rapport with your coach and it’s nice they are there to support you through the journey.

I had a few minor setbacks during the plan with muscle injuries, but I have been able to get past them and feel so happy with how I looked and felt by the time it was “shoot” day. For anyone who is able to truly identify their “why” I would definitely recommend RNT to achieve personal body goals. My two good friends joined as a result of seeing and hearing my experience. I think RNT also weaves into other concepts such as mindfulness and conscious awareness of other important life principles.

It’s great being part of the RNT family and having similar people share their fitness journey with you, through various social media platforms. I feel stronger and happier with my body than ever and excited to get into The Investment Phase and enjoy the benefits of what I have achieved going forward.

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