Chocolate Tofu Mousse

Chocolate Tofu Mousse

This is a vegan recipe submitted by RNT Family member Bhavina Bhudia.

Recipe Information

Name of dish: Chocolate Tofu Mousse
Type of meal: Snack
Dietary info: Vegan
Time to prepare: 10 mins
Time to cook: n/a
Serves: 1


Total Calories: 197
Protein in g: 18.25
Carbs in g: 5.3
Fats in g: 10.1


175g Extra firm silken tofu
10g Cacao powder
10g Dark Chocolate (vegan)
Sweetener (optional)
Flavouring (optional)

Method of cooking:

1. Place the silken tofu in a food processor and blend
2. Add the cacao powder and melted dark chocolate
3. Add sweetener (I use 2 crushed sweetex tablets dissolved in a few drops of hot water)
4. Add flavourings if needed (few drops of orange essence/ grated orange peel)
4. Eat at the time or refrigerate for a thicker consistency

Are there any general substitutions that can be made? (vegetarian or meat options, depending):
Additions of berries, oats, seeds
Addition of protein powder

Any additional notes you’d like to share on when it’s good in the context of the journey, and who it may be best for:
Process phase

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