Dedicated Dad And Family Man, Vishal Lost 15kgs And Gained A New Fitter Lifestyle

I’m just a regular mid 30’s Asian male trying to get into some type of shape which doesn’t consist of a dome shaped belly! I am pretty much a ‘typical’ family man with a wife and 2 kids, working a regular 9 hour day job. Before I joined RNT I was happy to an extent of just eating rubbish but being quite active, then one day I thought enough was enough and decided to try and lose weight - it’s easy to know how to do it once you read up on it, but actually doing it proved to be very difficult. I lost about 4kg in 4 months- not exactly riveting stuff!

I saw RNT’s transformations 6 months before I joined RNT, and at first was skeptical about their results (for no reason apart form disbelief I guess) - then they continued to post quality transformation after transformation, that’s when I thought ‘yea these guys know what they are doing’, and decided to take the plunge with the Online Personal Trainer route.

From day one it has been a breeze working with RNT - easy process to understand and the simplicity of it all is great - training/nutrition routines all planned out. RNT has been great for accountability especially when I was not fully in the process, the feedback I received on my workout routines (which I record and send) have been brilliant and have really helped me really push myself more. And with all the information RNT shares through podcasts or articles I now understand a lot more with regards to nutrition than I did before.

Now finishing up my 20th week with RNT and have lost approx. 15kg, I am in great shape- I have a lot more structure in my day which i carry into work and home life.

I liken RNT to one of those reward bank accounts you pay for with all of the benefits - and to get the most out of it you really want to use all the tools available to you. RNT has set me up a workout routine/ a nutrition plan/ regular accountability and progress/ workout feedback/ all the articles/podcasts, I use them all, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be getting the most out of the benefits on offer to me!

Looking forward to continuing my journey and where I can get to from here!

If you want to learn more about Vishal and his journey with RNT you can tune into the RNT podcast with Akash here.

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