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Dedicated Dad, Ricky, Lost 25+ Kgs Got Shredded And Built Muscle

As a 37-year old dad of 2 young boys I’ve become increasingly aware that what I say, do and how I act really rubs off on them. Both the good and the bad! We’ve always enjoyed eating together as a family but more and more I realised we were making bad choices. From too many treats and sweets, to not enough activity - it was no surprise that I woke up one day at 80kg whilst 5 ft 6.

On top of that, I was becoming increasingly aware that my 40th was approaching. And I wasn’t going to “wake up” one day and all of a sudden be fit. I’d seen some RNT’s results previously but the one that made me sit up and take notice was Suraj’s case study. Here was a guy that I knew who had transformed his life! If he could do it. Surely I could?

And through picking up simple nuggets and following the advice - hitting a daily step count, being in a calorie deficit and strength training - I slowly started to lose weight.

Fast forwards and the final trigger was realising that I needed help to go the last mile. Could I get really lean? Could I build muscle? Could I be the example that I wanted to be to my kids of a fit, healthy dad?

I took the plunge and signed up thinking “right, muscle building here I come”. I’d dropped 20kg by this point and was pretty lean but the RNT team had other ideas. They pushed me to drop probably another 5kg and took my results to the next level - veins in my abs level! RNT’s encouragement and the way they held me to account and pushed and pulled me when needed has now set me up for a lengthy muscle building phase and ready to get to 40 in the shape of my life.

Beyond the physical - the effect on me has been profound. My performance at work has skyrocketed- I take fewer prisoners and am more assertive and decisive. I’m up at 4am working out. I’ve refined my life to focus on what counts and not a lot else. And the best thing?

My boys have now started thinking healthier. My eldest did homework to show healthy food and he drew my meal preps. My youngest asks me about spinach. And both want to do steps!

The process of working with RNT has been deceptively simple but what’s been the game changer hasn’t been the plans - it’s the accountability. Knowing I’ve gotta send in my reports pushed me harder. And the Facebook community is fabulous, for motivation and food inspiration. Who knew oats could look so amazing!

Every day people ask me how I’ve done it. How have I lost now 25+ kg. How am I eating such healthy yet delicious food. How am I training. What’s the secret? Keto? Paleo? Weight watchers? None of the above

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