Dr Dhaval Bhanusali Dropped 50lbs To Feel, Look & Perform At His Best

When my mother got sick, I made a promise to maximize my life in all ways, understanding that tomorrow was never guaranteed.

Professionally, I feel fortunate to have spent the last few years working on some great projects (Skin Medicinals, Amazon’s line, Health Digital, to name a few) and my own business, Hudson Derm.

Personally, I did a terrible job understanding how to care for my own body. I worked hard but didn’t prioritize the things I needed - rest, diet, and direction. I had gotten in poor shape and it affected my ability to live life the way I wanted.

The simple solution? I needed to get help from the experts.

Digital health and social media are both incredible tools, IF used the right way. The before and after in the pics reflects 2 years of work, but only 6 months of really taking the time to understand how to “hack” my body. 2 things really helped.

  1. I signed up to RNT Fitness - an online body transformation company. In 2019, we can leverage technology and have a team with whom we connect with virtually. They help us build routines, they specify diets (right down to helping guide what options are best when I have to eat out while at conferences!), and more importantly, provides support while on your journey. I cannot recommend RNT enough (and many of my patients have reached out to them).
  2. Use social media to build a community. Each morning, I’d ‘check-in’ from the gym with other virtual buddies and post monthly “accountability” pics to force myself to stay the course. It’s hard to build the discipline you need to continue on a journey like this and support systems are SO important. Every week I’d also check in with the RNT team for feedback, and gain the insights necessary to improve.

The process is scary but worth it. While much of my job in Dermatology is to make people look better, the real trick is making them FEEL better as well.

This is no different. The end result never mattered, it is the journey and the ability to work towards something that really matters.

I was even featured in a Men’s Health article, something I never thought could happen!

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Thank you RNT!

If you want to learn more about Dhaval and his amazing journey, tune into his RNT podcast with Akash here.

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