Ep 283 - Hall Of Fame | Sahil Shah: Losing 30kg, Permanently, To Transform His Life

Aug 2nd, 2022


Ep 283 - Hall Of Fame | Sahil Shah: Losing 30kg, Permanently, To Transform His Life

Every once in a while, I’ll finish a podcast recording and be completely blown away by what I’ve heard. This episode with RNTer, Sahil is one of those. Sahil has been on an incredible journey over the past 2 years with us, where he’s dropped 30kg to totally transform his life. His journey epitomises our mantra, the physical is the vehicle, and in this raw episode, Sahil explains the reality of being 30kg heavier, what it took to make real change, and the life-changing impact it’s had on him and his family. To read Sahil’s case study, check it out in the show notes, the pictures are truly remarkable. 


00:00 - Introduction
00:14 - How Sahil started his RNT journey
03:47 - How socials affected Sahil's transformation journey
05:50 - Fighting off unhealthy habits
07:12 - How Sahil lost 30 kls.
09:25 - Keeping a healthy lifestyle and be consistent
13:01 - Challenges undergoing a lifestyle overhaul and how he overcame it
19:59 - Sahil's memorable photoshoot
25:07 - Commitment to the process, his why's and dedication even life gets in the way
29:41 - Sahil's loved ones were inspired by his transformation
37:26 - Dealing with his biggest decisions since the transformation
41:07 - What almost kept Sahil from joining RNT
43:22 - Sahil's "RNT Analogies" list
59:47 - What would he say to someone who's just starting their journey
1:01:38 - Sahil's message to the RNT family and final words for the listeners

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