Ep 285 - The Art Of Persuasion, Negotiation & Overcoming Any Objection w/ Joe Marcoux

Aug 15th, 2022


Ep 285 - The Art Of Persuasion, Negotiation & Overcoming Any Objection w/ Joe Marcoux

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, where I’m joined by Joe Marcoux, an entrepreneur who wants to help people. They have a great product or service. They have a big heart and truly want to help people with what they have to offer. But every time this entrepreneur speaks with a prospect, they crumble when they hear an objection. Objections like: It’s too expensive, I can’t afford it, I want to think about it or I need to speak to my spouse. This becomes more than lost revenue. This creates stress for the entrepreneur and unfortunately another person who is not getting the help they deserve.

Now imagine meeting a guide that can help any entrepreneur blast through the toughest objections with a proven method that delivers results or your money back. What would happen if you were properly coached to navigate past any objection? Joe Marcoux is the founder of the SOS Dojo. SOS stands for Sales Objection System. A Dojo is a place
where members go to not only train, they “spar”. This live sparring helps improve their ability to communicate and help their prospects cross the starting line to get the help they are looking for.
I met Joe at a business event in Nashville earlier this year, and we hit it off right away, exploring topics such as body language, empathy, persuasion and how to help more people when you have something amazing to give to the world, like RNT. 
I know many of you are high performing executives, entrepreneurs and want to level up in your career, and persuasion, behaviour change, negotiation, and selling ideas, is a critical part of what you do, so I wanted to bring Joe on to share some of his wisdom.
I literally wrote pages of notes after recording - it’s that good, and I love just how transferable all the lessons are.
Time Stamps:
00:55 - Biggest mistakes with negotiations
03:07 - The more question we ask the more we can get what we want
03:47 - Ask yourself what you want to achieve
05:29 - Do you believe in yourself?
06:36 - The influencing power of partners 
09:46 - Logic and emotion together makes decisions
11:15 - Overcoming the 3 fears - unknown, failure and judgement 
12:02 - The highest energy wins
12:47 - Change your physical state to change your energy
15:08 - Lean into your most difficult conversations
16:58 - Changing feelings changes destiny 
19:01 - Conversations are made up of 55% body language, 38% tone and 7% words 
21:41 - What happens when you lose your keys?
22:57 - Let go of the weight 
24:50 - Joe’s journey to starting SOS Dojo
32:13 - The art of persuasion 
34:55 - The biggest reason people don’t take action
43:00 - Tony Robbins says, “Repetition is the mother of all skills”
43:48 - Joe’s book - How To Be An Army Of One For Sales 

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