Ep 288 - Power Thoughts For Children w/ Natalie Costa

Sep 5th, 2022


Ep 288 - Power Thoughts For Children w/ Natalie Costa

Natalie Costa is an award winning coach, speaker, author and founder of Power Thoughts - a coaching service designed to give children ‘power’ over their own thoughts! Through her private practice and workshops, Natalie has helped thousands of children worldwide discover the tools to help them feel calmer, happier and more empowered!
With a background in psychology and having spent 12 years within the educational sector as well as becoming an accredited Performance Coach, Power Thoughts was born - which blends her past experience and deep understanding of children and their needs, now providing them with the tools to cope and thrive in the modern world.
Natalie has been featured in the national press and TV, such as Stella Magazine, Good Morning Britain, BBC Breakfast, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and is one Super Tutors for BBC Bitesize. She is also the co-author of three activity books for children, ‘Know your feelings,’ ‘Find your Power,’ and ‘Stretch your Confidence!’
Her intention is to always be focused on helping one child at a time, to be as happy as they can be.
Time Stamps:
00:04 - The similarities between fitness and parenting
02:31 - How to stop taking your stress out on your child
02:56 - The prefrontal cortex fully develops only at age 25 
04:30 - Flipping the lid by Daniel Seagull
07:10 - Your children can be brilliant teachers and mirrors
11:04 - Addressing fear in a high pressured world
14:33 - Power questions to ask your children
16:07 - Flip fears into excitement
17:25 - Harvard’s study about excitement 
18:10 - Have an open door policy with your children
19:28 - Your social media feed should be like a house party. Who are you inviting?
20:55 - When children have a tough time standing up for themselves
25:07 - Mindfulness for children
25:49 - Move your body to lose big feelings
29:03 - Power breathing
30:00 - Model behaviour to your children
31:44 - Take 5 breathing
33:47 - How to have conversations with children about complex world events
36:01 - Personify your feelings
37:55 - Hand on heart breathing
40:25 - Top 3 books for parents

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