Ep 385 - How To Stop Tracking Calories AND Stay In Shape (Fat Loss For The Final Time)

Jun 4th, 2024


Ep 385 - How To Stop Tracking Calories AND Stay In Shape (Fat Loss For The Final Time)

On this next part of our Fat Loss For The Final Time Series, we dive into what is the most popular goal for most people we work with after they get in shape:

Going from tracking their calories to have total flexibility of their food and nutritional choices, whilst staying in great shape year round.

This is literally the dream.

It took me ten years to get to the point where I could do this, but all my mistakes are for your benefit, because we’re going to break down the blueprint we use to help our members do this in only 1-2 years.

It’s not a quick fix getting here because you have to work through a lot of bad habits, behaviours and old identities that are determined to pull you back.

But if you go all in, it’s very achievable.

Next steps: 

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0:05 - Importance of tracking nutrition for body transformation.
3:30 - Calorie counting vs hormone optimization for weight loss.
8:48 - The pros and cons of tracking nutrition, including potential mental health impacts.
13:22 - Tracking calories and macronutrients for weight loss, with varying levels of accuracy. 
17:51 - Intuitive eating and tracking macronutrients for body composition.
21:38 - The challenges of tracking food intake and the importance of implementing a system that works for each individual.
24:56 - Tracking methods for fitness goals, balancing flexibility and accuracy.
29:29 - Intuitive eating and finding balance between structure and flexibility in nutrition.
33:22 - Intuitive eating, tracking food, and maintaining a healthy physique. 
36:57 - Balancing tracking nutrition with intuitive eating for busy individuals. 
40:50 - Food choices, meal planning, and tracking for health and happiness. 
46:17 - Meal planning approaches for different lifestyles, including weekend flexibility, frequent flyer, and chameleon.
49:49 - How to maintain weight loss through healthy eating habits and tracking strategies. 

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