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Are you experiencing any of these problems right now?

I don't feel, look and perform at my highest level anymore.

I’ve tried everything, I’m fed up with yo-yo’ing, and I’m stuck in a plateau.

I need massive changes in my life, mentally and physically, but have no idea where to start.

Then RNT Pro, the world’s leading Transformation Platform, Programme and Process, is the exact solution you need to transform your body, change your lifestyle, and be back to your best.

Since 2017, 2500+ people just like you have transformed the way they look and feel...

Are you an ambitious and striving high performer who wants to level up and make serious changes to your body and life (and not just ‘get a little bit healthier’)? Then we are the perfect fit for you.

“I’ve been exactly where you are right now: stuck in a plateau, yo-yo’ing, insecure, frustrated, and knowing there’s a better way, yet having no idea what you should be doing. Staying in this place only makes the problem worse.

Ever since unlocking the life-changing benefits of this journey, I’ve spent the last decade focusing on building the best platform, programme and process for you to cut through the noise, empower and educate yourself with the right tools, and achieve the same in your life. It’s now here.

It’s not an easy journey, nor a quick fix, and we don’t offer a magic solution. But if you have the drive, desire and commitment to go all in, you’ll be astonished at what you’ve got inside of you, and who you can become. Like I always say, the physical is the vehicle!

Are you ready to transform?”

Akash Vaghela

Founder of RNT Fitness & best-selling author of Transform Your Body Transform Your Life

Finally, a programme with everything you need to transform your body, habits and life, for good.

RNT Pro is our end-to-end Transformation Platform, Programme and Process. Go all in for a year and you’ll change the rest of your life.

1 Personalised Transformation Checklist

At the start, your entire journey ahead will be personalised using our unique and proven strategies successfully applied on 2500+ people globally. This will be your Transformation Checklist, which includes everything from training, nutrition, and how to implement this for your lifestyle.

2 Drip-fed Holistic Education

So you never have to go on a ‘diet plan’ again, our M.N.M Curriculum will give you life-long mastery in the fundamental principles of Movement, Nutrition and Mindset. We will teach you how to fish, not just give you the fish. It consists of 138 lessons delivered 3x a week in bitesize, unlockable format with actionable items and coaching cues to give you the results you want.

3 Unique Omni-Accountability Systems

A non-negotiable for getting world-class, life-changing results is to take 1000% responsibility. You have to put in the work, engage and adhere. We will take this to the next level with our Omni-Accountability Systems that will hold you to high standards, and come in the form of personal dashboards, streaks, gamification, peer groups, troubleshoot coaching, and access to our expert team with our weekly Lives and Q&As.

4 Intimate Cohorts and High Performance Community

The key to staying in shape for life and being a high performer is having the right environment, where living a healthy lifestyle is normalised. You’ll have this on two levels: the High Performance Community (on our custom platform, away from the noise of Facebook) and the intimate cohorts, you’ll be in a group of five like-minded high performers to support one another, increase accountability, and share the journey.

“What makes our solution most optimal is we will not only give you the fish, but we will teach you how to fish. The way we have designed it is so you will have more advanced knowledge and understanding of nutrition, training and mindset than most PTs and coaches out there!”

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We are worldwide leaders in transformation with a unique and proven methodology.

After working closely with thousands of striving high performers, we’ve seen all the predictable and common mistakes, challenges and obstacles that you will also likely experience.

So we gave birth to our unique and proven Five Phase Transformation Journey that is different to anything you’ll find elsewhere, and serves as the guaranteed blueprint for your long-term success (so you never need a ‘plan’ or ‘diet’ again):




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Start feeling, looking and performing better in your first 30 days - or your money back.

Join RNT Pro, and if after 30 days, you have completed 100% of the exercises and action points and not made any improvement in your body and life, you get all your money back.

This journey is hard, yet simple. We only want to work with you if you are or want to be a high performer, and if you are ready to commit to real life-long change. This isn’t a quick fix or magic solution. If you don’t fully adhere and put in the work, you’ll get poor results.

But if you follow your Transformation Checklist, engage with our Drip-fed Holistic Education, Omni-Accountability Systems and Intimate Cohorts & Community, you’ll experience a life-changing transformation. We can guarantee it.

You’ve tried everything. You’re fed up. And you know there must be a better way. It’s time for the Great Reset.

Covid-19 has reminded you of one thing: how important of an asset your health is. You might have had your own wake up call, whether it be with a loved one, or yourself. Your trigger to make a change.

Maybe it was when you looked at yourself in the mirror one morning.

Maybe it was a passing comment from a friend.

Maybe it was struggling to fit into your clothes before going out.

Maybe it was falling asleep at your desk at 3pm during a workday.

Maybe it was getting out of breath going up the stairs.

Maybe it was realising you’re getting no results to show for your efforts.

Something is calling you within to make a change and level up.

The missing link is the decision and promise to yourself that enough is enough and it’s time to hit reset and do it differently.

This first step is the hardest to take. But once you experience your own transformation journey, there’s no going back. Life isn’t the same.

You’ll realise how much clarity, focus and energy you’ve been missing in life. You’ll discover a level of confidence and courage you never knew was possible. And you’ll start achieving high performance in every area of your life.

You can look in the mirror and know you look the part. Take a second to imagine this for yourself.

All you need now is the right education, accountability, community and support, along with a proven methodology, to guide you on this journey.

And this is all in RNT Pro - our Transformation Platform, Programme and Process, for which the next intake begins on January 3rd, 2022.

So whether you’re starting for the first time, or ready to go to the next level, now’s the time to reset the bar and unleash the high performer in you. Taking charge now will allow you to shape your future for years to come.

It’s the time of the Great Reset.

Life is getting back to normal again, and you want to be on your absolute A game for it. You want to feel lean, clean and full of steam. You want to be mentally and physically sharp. You want the energy, drive and motivation to maximise your potential in life.

If you continue what you’re doing, you’ll be spinning your wheels forever. You’ll continue wasting precious time, money and energy.

You’ll be on another diet, another plan, another fix, another fad, another failure. Another day feeling low in confidence and energy, not performing at your best, and out of control of your most precious asset: you.

You’ll have that hidden voice and feeling of knowing that you’re not fulfilling your potential.

Don’t waste this opportunity. It’s time to reset your mind, reset your body, and reset your entire lifestyle, so you can be at your absolute best.

So ask yourself, where do you want to be one year from now?

Will it work for me if...


RNT Pro is for high performers who want to transform their bodies, take their results to the next level, and experience life-changing results.

It’s likely you’re busy, time poor and with high stress. You’ve probably exercised and dieted before but not in a structured, proven way, and nothing has quite ‘clicked’ for you.

To totally transform, so you never need to go on a plan again, here are the five requirements:

  1. You have a growth mindset and you’re willing to learn.
  2. You’re in it for the long-term, five phase journey.
  3. You’re committed to your transformation and ready to put in the work required every day and week.
  4. You take 1000% ownership and responsibility of your journey.
  5. You want to grasp the tools to be able to stay in shape for life!

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